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Laying in Wait

26 Feb


Ready for Spring

12 Feb

After last weeks storm, I’m really looking forward to Spring and weekend window-down driving. In preparation, I cleaned up my summer wheels for our 2011 Mazdaspeed 3.

It’s been a couple of seasons since I’ve done this so it was a chore to get the old weight adhesive and road tar cleaned up. The job calls for some simple green, WD40, rubbing alcohol and a few old microfibers. A plastic razor also helps with the tar and adhesive residue once you soak the affected areas in a bit of WD40 to loosen up the grime. A plastic razor won’t scratch the surface like a real blade…

Each wheel took about 40 minutes to clean up and polish with a good cleaner wax like klasse AIO but it’s time well spent. These wheels are now 6 years old and still in decent shape with only minor rash that I’ll touch up and wet sand soon.




i-Moto Racing Speed3

2 Feb

As campaigning in the 2013 Continental Sports Car Challenge

5Zigen Headers for 370Z

1 Feb

We have a set of these artfully fabricated 370Z headers available for sale. Usually a special order with a 4-6 week lead time, and an over $2000 price tag once shipping is factored in…we’re offering them for less, and, there is no crazy lead times.

The headers are made of SUS436 stainless with 42.7mm primaries, and a 60.5mm outlet. A mandrel bender could not bend to the tight radius required, so each unit is sectioned together. So nice, they really deserve to be on a wall!

Contact z1sales@z1auto.com for further details

Getting Personal

1 Feb
Personal Pole Position: Black Leather, Red Suede, Red Stitched Logo

Personal Pole Position: Black Leather, Red Suede, Red Stitched Logo

Cheesy ass blog post title, but cool stuff inside. We’ve got some good deals going on right now for Personal/Nardi/MOMO and OMP steering wheels. Whether you need the wheel alone, or need a full combo with hub and quick release, we’ve got ya covered. From Mitsubishi to Nissan, Porsche to Subaru, we can put a package together for all of them, and then some.

Show here is the Personal Pole Position in Red Suede, with Black Leather and Red logo stitched across the top.

Contact z1sales@z1auto.com for your package!