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More Modern Vintage

27 Mar

Additional pics and specs on the car

Engine bay:
ARC Air Chamber
Apexi Air Filter & heat shield
HKS Header
HKS Drager SS Exhaust

Zeal Coilovers 12k 16k,
Mazda Speed Strut bar
Flyin miata sway bars

Black BBS RM 15×8.5 and 15×9.5

PitCrew Front conversion,
Garage Vary rear Classic Tail
Rear R lip
Project-G Roof Spoiler
Classic Carriers trunk rack
JDM Chrome mirrors

Nardi Steering wheel,
Cs Short Shifter
Racing Beat Style Bar



11 Aug

We just got some pictures back from a good customer of ours after the recent installation of the Zeal coilovers we sent out to him for his Z33. Evidently he could help but to include one of his good buddies in the photoshoot and I can’t say that I mind.

Taste the Rainbow

7 Jul

After exchanging some emails with a customer stationed overseas this morning, I realized that alot of people probably think Endless calipers only come in the traditional blue. As nice as that color is, Endless does offer a wide range of caliper colors to suit just about any taste.

In addition, rotor hats are offered in various colors too. If you need any assistance with any Endless/Zeal purchase, just let us know! We all use them on our own cars here, and we know the products inside and out

Prognosis Negative (Camber)

22 Mar

One of our good customers out west just forwarded me some pics of his latest setup. Steve’s been a good customer for awhile now, and this past winter, we set him up with a bunch of new stuff. First was a deal on a set of AME Circlar Spec R’s in blue (19×9.5 +15, 19×10.5 +15). Then just after the new year, we sent out a new box of goodies, including SPL Front Adjustable A Arms, Eibach Rear Camber/Toe Kit, Powergrid Front/Rear Endlinks and 15mm Project Kics Spacers. The car is lowered on Zeal Function Xs Coilovers. The Ings hoods are just dead sexy on the Z’s too.

The camber? Yeah, there’s alot. Not quite sure exactly how much just yet, since this was the trial run, but it’s a work in progress. As Steve put it “As for the camber, unfortunately, running an aggressive stance is a trial and error type of deal. This is my first attempt at it, so I had to make it fit with tires that are too wide. I’ll probably go with something like 245s or 255s in the rear next time (prob in 2 weeks when these wear out ), which will allow me to dial out some of that neg camber. As it is, I had to raise the car a full inch in the rear, and roll the s*** out of my fenders just to get the car to move!”

Stay tuned here for the final pics once everything is fully setup!

Ings officially releases their 370Z/Z34 N-Spec Kit…

15 Dec

I peeped this this morning as I was checking out their website.

I’ve got to be honest, the only part that I’m really loving is the Z-Power Wing.

Currently the only parts they have available for the 370 are as follows:

  • Front Lip Spoiler – Available in Carbon or FRP
  • Z-Power Wing
  • LX Sport Exhaust System
  • LX Sport Center Pipe
  • Ings Karo Floormats

For those of you wondering what else this demo car is fitted with here are the details:


All of these items are currently available so if you are interested in anything, give us a shout.


27 Sep

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines the word zealous as “filled with or characterized by zeal : marked by fervent partisanship for a person, a cause, or an ideal.”

Now I look at the word zealous and for some strange reason I see a portmanteau. I see the two words zeal and jealous being combined to make up the word zealous. Therefore my personal definition of zealous would be to be jealous of one’s Zeals. Maybe its because jealousy is the first emotion that I feel when I see someone with a new set of Zeal coilovers and hence I am zealous by my own definition of the word. Yup! I think that explains it.

Well the reason why I am feeling “zealous” today is because one of our good customers, Larry, just received his set of Zeal Function A coilovers that we set him up with for his 350z and they look amazing. Good luck Larry and enjoy! These coilovers are so fly!

Here are Larry’s first impressions of the coilovers…

After examining them I can say that they are noticeably different in construction that any other coilover I have seen for the Z. The spring is not mounted to the top of the shock. It is remote mounted, and there is no rubber bushing between the shock and the mount, It has a spherical bearing. The adjustment knobs have windows so you can see what setting you are using. The rears have aluminum lower mounts, but the fronts have steel. The brake line brackets, and the ABS wheel speed sensor mounting brakets are welded on and not an afterthought or left off completely. The dust boots are also safety wired on liek they should be so no dirt actually gets in there. The shocks were dyno’d and the graphs look very nice!