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Full Bucket Bride Seat for the Rest of Us!

12 Feb

Up until now, if you wanted a Bride full bucket seat for your car, you either had to be blessed with waif-like proportions, or go on a full crash diet.  Bride Japan have heard your call, and have answered in full force with their Zeta III Type XL.  We had featured this seat on our blog back in the fall, and now that the seats are en route from Japan, it was time to revisit them!

Features full FRP back, and Bride’s long wearing cushions.  

Check out the install on Shino’s Z33!  To order yours, just give us a call!

Bride Zeta III XL

17 Oct

The cries from those of us Bride lovers with larger than average waist lines have finally been answered. Bride has finally decided to create a seat that will fit people larger than a race horse jockey. Introducing the Bride Zeta III XL, which will only be available in the US Market. Exact sizing figures are not yet available however, they are expected to fit up to about a 42 inch waist.

As is always there is always a little bit of bad news. This seat will be slightly more expensive of course due to the additional materials that Bride have applied to this seat in order to increase its strength while still keeping it lightweight. This seat also will not be FIA Approved.

Don’t be shy getting that order super-sized homey, we will now have a set of Brides to set you up in. 😉

Bride Zeta III XL - Product Release

Bride Zeta III XL - Product Release

Bride Zeta III XL

Bride Zeta III XL