New Year, New Brands – Part 1

4 Feb

One of the great things about this business is there is always cool new stuff to check out. Some stuff is sexy, some stuff is just cool for it’s extremism, and some stuff serves as the foundation for a quality build. We always strive to deal in only the top notch parts, because we know that the real value of the product is not in the price, but in it’s performance and reliability. One such brand is Injector Dynamics. Now, fuel injectors don’t ooze sex appeal, but they are one of those often-overlooked backbones of a truly sucessful project. They need to be consistent, balanced, fit perfectly and be easy to tune for. Their utility is what makes them appealing. The girl next door if you will.

So what makes these different? First, their simplicity. These are plug and play. True plug and play. Everything you need for them to fit to your specific application is included. No ala carte menu, no finding out you needed to specify you needed injector clips…it’s all in there. They offer 5 basic models, ranging from 715cc to 2225cc. Each set is dynamically balanced to within 1% for flow, and 20 MICRO seconds for dead time. This ensures consistent, OEM like reliability. All the info needed to successfully tune are included. No guesswork needed.

So when you’re ready to step up to the best, you know where to go and you know who to call!


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