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Simply Clean

27 Mar

Doesn’t take alot to wake up the Evo X exterior. A nice set of RPF1’s Mike recently picked up from us, 18×9.5 +15


More Modern Vintage

27 Mar

Additional pics and specs on the car

Engine bay:
ARC Air Chamber
Apexi Air Filter & heat shield
HKS Header
HKS Drager SS Exhaust

Zeal Coilovers 12k 16k,
Mazda Speed Strut bar
Flyin miata sway bars

Black BBS RM 15×8.5 and 15×9.5

PitCrew Front conversion,
Garage Vary rear Classic Tail
Rear R lip
Project-G Roof Spoiler
Classic Carriers trunk rack
JDM Chrome mirrors

Nardi Steering wheel,
Cs Short Shifter
Racing Beat Style Bar

Modern Vintage

26 Mar

One of the nice parts of the car hobby is how each car has its own culture. What’s cool to one car may be the antithesis if cool to another. JDM is (or was) a big trend for awhile. Stanced and flushed cars have been the latest flavor du jour in the Japanese realm, though Euro guys have done it for decades. What I don’t necessarily like about these trends is that, well, they become trendy. It often involves a super low set of springs or coilovers, some aggressive wheels and tires and you get honorary membership. Parts are cool and all but I really enjoy a car that’s been thought about, a car that’s the result of taking what you’ve got and making it your own, vs. bolting on parts to make it look like 20 other cars out there.

In the Miata world, an interesting trend is to go retro with the car. The Miata is coming on 25 years old amazingly enough. But it’s the modern embodiment of the classic sports car. The car GI’s bought when they returned from WWII. Small, light, agile, simple. The Austin Healy of the modern era. Despite the Miata’s relatively modern upbringing, there are lots of guys spending nights and weekends going back in time with their Roadster. Yes it has power windows, but guys machine old school looking switches. Sure it has a/c but guys making aluminum trim panels. Guys out there fabbing parts, or adopting a look from the past and adopting it to the present. And because the car is modern, it’s a unique platform that lets you combine older and newer school flavors.

Often times the cars I see have parts, but not character. They have a bunch of power, but no soul. I find lots of cars out there now have long mod lists but no cohesiveness. Cars that lack vision. Taste is always subjective, and a Miata may not be your idea of cool but you gotta admire a guy who isn’t afraid to try something new and build for himself what may not necessarily be buyable in a box.


One Fast Rabbit

25 Mar


Divine Intervention

25 Mar

Let us pray

Organ Pipes

25 Mar

A very, very cool one off exhaust on a


Enkei Raijin

24 Mar

Another new wheel for 2012 is the very elegant, very affordable Enkei Raijin. A bit like an OE BMW mesh wheel but in better sizes, offsets and colors. How’s under $1000 for a set of 18×9.5….not too shabby!

Contact us for colors, specs and availability

BRZ Road Test

23 Mar

Nissan Puts Porsche in its Crosshairs with its own GT3

23 Mar

NISSAN MOTORSPORTS INTERNATIONAL CO. LTD. (NISMO) is pleased to announce the official release of a Nissan GT-R (R35) that conforms to FIA GT3 regulations: the Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3.

NISMO and JR Motorsports (JRM), its official partner for this major project, have been jointly developing the car during 2011 and, following a series of extensive tests – which have included three competitive outings – the car’s performance and durability has proven its credentials for GT3 racing worldwide.

The Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 features a 3.8 V6 twin-turbo engine that is based on a standard road car unit, developing 530ps at 6400 rpm. Power is delivered via six-speed transaxle that drives the rear wheels, activated by a semi-automatic paddle-shift system.

Designed with customers in mind, driveability has been an important factor in the new car’s development programme. Therefore, as well as featuring a chassis that inspires confidence, suspension set-up and driver controls can easily be adjusted to suit a range of preferences.

The car is to be displayed in the UK at Autosport International (Europe’s biggest motorsport exhibition) on Thursday 12th January, where it will be unveiled on the JRM exhibition stand. It will then be displayed for the remaining three day’s of the show. The car will appear alongside the GT1 Nissan GT-R that won the 2011 FIA GT1 World Championship. To celebrate the launch, JRM will simultaneously run the Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 as an official Nissan Europe entry in the Dubai 24-hour race, where it will be driven by four Nissan Champions from 2011: Michael Krumm, Alex Buncombe, Tom Kimber-Smith and Franck Malliaux.

Sales and customer support for the Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 will be implemented by NISMO for Japan, Asia, North America, South America, and Oceania, whilst JRM will cover Europe, Russia and the Middle East.

The car is priced at 298,000 Euro (32,000,000 JPY)*. Enquiries should be made to either NISMO or JRM.

Billet Cam Sensor Bracket for Subaru

21 Mar

This part is used for mounting the cam angle sensor to the front of Non North American Spec STi cylinder heads. Perfect for adapting USDM cylinder heads to Japanese and European market engines or adapting
STI heads to non AVCS engines.

-Made out of lightweight 6061-T6 billet aluminum
-Street and track torture tested
-Black anodized / Torque Solution Laser engraved
-Lifetime Warranty
-Made in USA
– Fits Subaru WRX 2002-2005 or any STi to WRX Head Swap

Contact us at to order yours

Urethane Exhaust Hanger Set 350Z/G35

21 Mar

These urethane exhaust hangers replace the factory soft rubber units found on the 350Z and G35 coupe. They are a direct fit, and will limit the movement exhibited by the stock hangers. These are great for those running true dual exhausts, or for those who’s factory mounts have become worn due to age or high mileage. Sold as a complete set. Priced at $54 shipped in all 50 states. To order just shoot us an email to

Baby on Board…..No Seriously

20 Mar

Jon spotted this yesterday – peep the tires marked for left/right and the baby seat. At least some out there use a dual purpose car for 2 cool purposes



Time Lapse – Building Williams 2012 F1 Car

19 Mar

Wonder What This Guys Daily Commute Is

18 Mar

Courtesy of @PorscheHeritage


RWB Means….

18 Mar

Could easily stand for Real Wide Biotch