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Norway Bound

30 Jan

We’ve got a good customer and friend in Norway who we’ve been sending goodies to for few years now. Stewart’s a Subaru nut, and given the history of rally events throughout his region, coupled with the climate, who can blame him!

His latest acquisition was this awesome bugeye. It came extensively modded from the previous owner, with a closed deck, built 2.5 liter engine, STi 6 speed transmission, APS DR725 FMIC, Custom exhaust, AST Competition coilovers, STI interior, Defi gauges and much more. We helped Stewart out a few months ago with a bunch of Whiteline goodies (adjustable sways and endlinks) + some Samco hoses.

This time around, we sent over “Operation Fun Pack” as Stewart termed it in an email to us 🙂

Stoptech 355x32mm front 4 piston caliper, 320mmx28mm 2 piston caliper – both with zinc coated rotors, plus some miscellaneous OEM parts he needed as well. Heavy hitting equipment that will nicely compliment an already well sorted car!


Mods Ahead

30 Jan

Organized the new round of bushings going into my car shortly

SPL solid rear differential bushings front/rear
NISMO rear upper control arm bushings
NISMO rear lower link bushing (aka spring bucket – inner)
NISMO Exhaust hangers
Whiteline urethane subframe bushings (traction kit)

Will be doing all this in conjunction with the 4.3/Quaife pumpkin – I hope to have it done in the next few weeks.

Right now, just waiting on my cluster to come back from Racepak with the latest firmware update (odometer…nice!). Will also be getting the USM module so I can integrate the fuel level sensor. Also picking up an oil temp sensor as well.

Tomei Titanium 350Z – Video!

28 Jan

Click here for the video of Tomei's Titanium Exhaust for 350Z/Z33

Just got it

Tomei Titanium Exhaust for 350Z – High Res

28 Jan

Just got this from Tomei – still waiting on final specs and pics but stay tuned here!

Urethane Transmission Mount for 370Z/G37 Installed/Tested

28 Jan

“The Z1 Auto transmission mount dramatically improved
shift engagement and eased gear selection without
sacrificing comfort. We highly recommend this
product for any Z/G enthusiast who takes their driving
seriously. Installation was easy – You must loosen the center bolt to align the two outer bolts,
other then that there were no installation issues what so ever. ”

– Performance Motorsport East Staff (this was from one of the owners, Andrew, who put it into their white 370Z)

If you are interested in one, drop us a line and let us know!

We’re Going Bowling?!? (Hey, it’s for charity)

27 Jan

Join’s for a good cause! We’re proudly one of the sponsors for this event. A chance to get out from the cold weather, and embarras yourself in rented shoes next to guys missing several key pieces of dental importance. But hey, it’s for charity, so you’ll get to have some fun, and help make a difference at the same time.

Work 11R’s in Stock!

24 Jan

Got a bunch in stock and ready to go

17×8 +35 – bronze (1 set only!)
18×8.5 +38 – matte black, bronze. glimmer silver
18×8.5 +30 – matte black, bronze. glimmer silver
18×9.5 +38 – matte black, bronze. glimmer silver
18×9.5 +30 – matte black, bronze. glimmer silver

Contact us for best pricing!

More New Toys Coming (Tomei + 350Z= :) )

24 Jan

Tomei recently announced plans for a new line of Titanium Exhaust systems for several popular cars. The first one coming is the Evo X, which we announced here on the blog last month. I just wanted to share a few pics of the forthcoming system for the 350Z.

The Expreme Titanium exhaust will be out in 2010, and is a single, lightweight exhaust system for the 2003-2008 350Z (including NISMO)
Pics courtest of Dino @ Speedhunters. I’ll have new pics to share soon along with full specs

Tomei also has their new metal Super Catalyzer now for the 350Z as as well. They include integrated bungs for wideband 02 sensors, full stainless construction and are 150 cell, so they will flow amazingly well.


Anyone interested in either the exhaust or the cats, contact us at

Ready for Primetime

23 Jan

Just got this picture from our customer Alex down in Georgia. A few weeks back we sent him a NISMO V3 bumper, and here are the net results. 19×9.5/10.5 (+22?) gunmetal TE37’s, and out back, a Blitz spoiler. Sometimes less is more and with the gleaming black paint, I love how cleanly it all flows.

Car looks awesome, keep up the good work!

Pressin’ On

20 Jan

The press has seem some heavy action here lately – just swapping out stuff on our own cars! Kwame has a full array of bushings he still needs to do. In preparation for installation of my 4.3 final drive equipped pumpkin, we had to press out the stock pieces from the pumpkin. I picked this pumpkin up last year from a customer who had it sitting around. It had an inordinate amount of rust on it, and it made removing the bushings a royal PIA. Not to mention, when you’re trying to secure a ~100 lb pumpkin in a press, it’s no easy task. One bushing dropped out easily, but the second one just wouldn’t budge. Finally, after some coaxing with some Nuts Off (a really good penetrating oil), the air hammer and a cutting wheel, we managed to force it out. Next up we’ll file off the rest of the surface rust, and install the SPL Solid Bushings in their place. I think I’ve also been talked in to just dropping the subframe and doing the Whiteline Rear Traction Kit along with the rest of the NISMO bushings for the rear, as well as the NISMO exhaust hangers, to compliment the rest of the NISMO bushings already on the car. It never seems to end……

New Z1 Plate Frames have arrived…

19 Jan

One down, two more to go…

19 Jan

… Let’s get’em. Go Jets!

Chargers Who????????

Dubai 24 Hour Race Results

16 Jan

Hot off the press, from the Middle East – the 2010 motorsports season is officially off to a good start!

OVERALL WINNER OF THE DUNLOP 24H DUBAI 2010 (pictured in order above)

1 Imsa Performance MATMUT 1, stnr. 66
2 Petronas Syntium Team 1, stnr. 40
3 Al Faisal Racing 1, stnr. 2

Tochigi Prefecture Highway Patrol Vehicles

13 Jan

Can you really go wrong with any of them?

I saw someone make mention on about Jay Bryan posting on the Tochigi Prefecture’s NISMO Z33 back in December of ’07 on his old “Dropjay” blog but he has since taken it down so I do not know how much of this material is repetitive.

I apologize if it’s redundant but this is the first time I’ve seen real pictures of these vehicles.

Opposites Attract

12 Jan

These are new and now ready to go! ATS Japan’s ultra strength magnetic drain bolts for the oil pan, transmission and rear differential of your 350Z/G35!

These bolts are direct replacements for the factory units, and feature very strong 3,500 gauss, neodymium magnet for greater strength and durability. With an adhesion strength of up to 2.8kg, this product removes a greater amount of iron particles, thus extending the life of your vital engine components. The standard magnetic drain bolts tend to lose the magnetic force rapidly in a very high temperature environment. ATS magnetic drain bolts last much longer under the sustained high heat environments of even the hardest core track cars.

Click here to order yours!