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Lotus Evora GT – Oh My, Yes Please

26 Aug

The new 2012 spec car is a thing of beauty

Very jealous of that V6 too – one of only 2 V6 models running (Porsche being the other) but runs with the V8’s of the Vette, Ferrari’s, et. al. They are still off pace but development continues on a privateer level.

Tech Tip: How to Install Buddy Club Seat Rails

25 Aug

Mixing and matching parts can sometimes leave you with more questions than answers. Especially when the forums are filled with the ubiquitous “it should work” and “my friend’s cousin’s uncle has it”. Often times you’re left to take an educated guess, or just try it and hope for the best.

In this installment, we’ll talk about installing Buddy Club’s Super Low Down Seat Rail with a Momo Start 2012 Race Seat. These are a combination base/slider and side mount assembly offered for a variety of cars. While originally intended for the Buddy Club seats, they will also fit a wide range of aftermarket buckets that accept side mounting.

Now, many companies make seat bases. The problem is, they often take what I call the sandwhich approach. Seat base on the bottom, followed by a universal slider stacked on top, followed by the seat stacked on top of that. If it’s a side mount seat, you also then need to factor in the side mount bracket also comes into the mix. This means more stuff to buy, more cost, and, with everything stacked one of top of the other, you often find the seat sits higher than even a factory seat does! This is not only unappealing to the eye, it’s uncomfortable to sit in, and, if you’re doing track days with a helmet, you may find you no longer fit in the car once you’re strapped in.

The Buddy Club setup does away with the cluttered sandwhich approach, and does this with a bit of a different twist. The slider and base are incoporated into one cohesive unit – like a factory seat would have. There is an inside and outside base/slider half. The side mounts tabs (included) then attach in place, 2 per side. A handle connects the 2 slider/base halves, and all hardware is included.

This particular setup is being mounted to a Momo Start 2012 seat. It’s an FIA approved one piece fiberglass shell that is not only comfortable, HANS compatible, and very lightweight (19.6 lbs), very strong, and very afforable (just $450 per seat). Other seats from a variety of manufacturers will also work. Given the installation on these Momo seats, I’d say the seat needs to be no wider than 20.7 inches from outside to outside on the seats (these Momo’s are 20.6 inches when measured from outer end to end). Front to back mounting is more forgiving as the side mount tabs are slotted.

First step, is unpack all the parts and lay them out. Each Buddy Club box will contain 2 base/slider ‘halves’, 8 cap nuts, handle, and 2 shorter, and 2 longer side mount bracket tabs. The bracket tabs have multiple holes allowing you to custom tailor the seat height to your own tastes. So, if you need the front a bit higher than the back, you can do that easily.

href=””> Buddy Club Super Low Seat Rail[/caption]

Next, using the supplied cap nuts, install the brackets to the pre-mounted studs on each rail half. Use the shorter bracket up front, the larger bracket out back. The Buddy Club logo goes on the outside of each seat, and the half with the extra tab (for the seatbelt) goes on the inside. The mounting tabs are slotted both where they mount to the seat and where they mount to the base/slider. This allows them to fit a variety of width seats. Since the Momo are rather wide for a bucket seat, the brackets were installed to allow maximum width between each rail/slider half. If you’re using a seat that is narrower, you’ll need to do this step a couple times so you get the spacing correct, so that the base not only mounts to the seat but lines up with the mounting holes in your car’s floor. Just set them hand tight, rinse, and repeat till you achieve the desired width. Using an open ended 12mm wrench, torque till they are snug.

Next step is mount each assembled rail half to the seat. In this case, the seats come with the necessary allen head bolts and washers. Accessing the threaded side mount holes is done after popping out the plastic insers the seats ship with as shown in the picture below. This is where you’ll have to decide what height you want the seats at. This setup shows the lowest possible setting that would clear the seat. Thread the hardware into the seat by hand first and be careful not to cross thread. Using a wratchet and allen head socket, snug them down. You can choose to finally torque them down here, or, if you want to adjust the front to back pitch, you can fully torque them down once they are installed in the car.

Next up, install the female seatbelt buckle and mount the inner slider/base half to the seat the same way you did the outside one. Make sure you use the same height for the inside bracket half as you did on the outside!

Once done it will look something like this

Next, take the whole seat and base assembly and slide it into the car. Line up the mounting holes on the base to the studs and/or mounting holes on your car’s floor, and retorque the bolts/nuts to spec per your factory service manual. Don’t forget to plug your seatbelt harness back in so you don’t get a light on the dash.

Now take the handle included in the Buddy Club box and slide it onto the tabs on each base/rail. A flashlight comes in handy when lining this up. The tabs are notched in such a way that once the handle is installed it sort of “clicks” into place. You’ll feel it for yourself when installing.

And viola, you’re done! The successful merging of 2 different brand parts. You can now slide the seat back and forth. If you didn’t torque the side mounts to the seats, now is the time to do that.

To order any of the components mentioned, just give us a shout at


Tucked In

25 Aug

sitting low!



Just a 9 Second Street Car – No Big Deal

23 Aug

I met the owner of this awesome RX7 through my brother. The two of them came to meet back when Jon was in college. Jon had his own share of rotary infatuation at that time, and was midway through the build on his first car – a very clean FC3S RX7. Anyway, this car has seen many different configurations over the years. In it’s current state, it’s kicking ass and taking names as a legit 9 second car that is actually driven on the street. Leather interior and all!

Can’t fault the background music – easily Radiohead’s best song (though this is a remix)

The Fitzy

23 Aug

A rather stunning classic Datsun ZX race car now owned by Adam Carolla

Cusco Finned Aluminum Differential Cover Subaru BR-Z/Scion/Toyota FR-S

20 Aug

New from Cusco Japan comes this finned aluminum differential cover for the BR-Z and FR-S. Increases oil capacity from 1.15 liters to 1.7 liters. Finned rear design for better cooling for street and auto-x use. Pre-tapped for external oil cooler fitment. Better internal baffle design for increased coverage during high speed turns. Available in blue or silverContact to order yours!

Vibrant Universal Resonators and Mufflers

20 Aug

Building a custom exhaust, or improving an existing one? We’ve got ya covered with Vibrant’s awesome universal components.

Their universal resonators come in 2 flavors, standard and ultra quiet. They are perfectly tuned, full stainless steel, and feature a free flow design. Click the pics above for details on each.

Vibrant Ultra Quiet Universal Resonator

Vibrant Universal Resonator

Their universal mufflers have been a long time favorite, as they combine great looks, great sound, flexible dimensions and very affordable pricing. If you’ve been craving an exhaust for a car with few to no options, or, if you’ve got an exhaust you are looking to improve performance, sound or looks, these are for you!

Vibrant StreetPower Universal Stealth Black Muffler

Contact for all enquries. We also offer universal tips and mandrel bends as well as gaskets and flanges to help your project

The Bond Cars

15 Aug

2 New Momo Steering Wheels

10 Aug

Momo just introduced 2 new steering wheels designed in conjunction with their Porsche Motorsport program. These latest versions of the Mod 30 design, feature a 320mm rim, suede with anatomic grip sections, and is offered with or without horn buttons. Also available in standard 350mm diameter as well.

Click the picture for more info and to purchase yours! Need a combo with a hub/quick release or other accessory, just email


9 Aug

Never been a big fan of the whole matte black look, but this car speaks to me on many levels. Courtesy of Garage 4413

Rhapsody in Blue

9 Aug

Momo Monte Carlo with Blue Stitching

Momo Monte Carlo Limited Edition – Blue Stitch

We now have available a very limited edition Momo Monte Carlo steering wheel with black leather, and blue stitching! This is a limited run of one of Momo’s most well known steering wheels. Features black leather, 350mm diameter, black spokes, blue stitching and blue horn button. To order yours, just contact Hubs and quick releases are available as well for a complete, ready to install package for tons of different cars.

91 Year Old Grandma Goes Rally Racing. Yes, Really

8 Aug

AMS Alpha Race Intercooler R35 GTR

8 Aug

New from AMS is their Alpha intercooler for the Nissan R35 GTR. Designed to be the best-performing, most efficient GT-R intercooler on the market! It certainly had to be in order to meet the requirements of our stable of world record setting 8 second Alpha GT-Rs! If you own a GT-R producing in excess of 900 horsepower or drive in a hot weather climate, the Alpha GT-R Race Intercooler is your best option for producing power safely and efficiently.

The 22″x14″x4.5″ bar-and-plate core offering 92.5% more air volume than a stock pair of GT-R intercoolers! The core also offers up to twice the fin density of most intercoolers currently on the market. This allows for more contact with cool, dense air and does so with virtually no boost pressure drop (less than 1 psi) to proliferate the most ground pounding power output you can get for your GT-R!

Designed using Solidworks 3D CAD software, these end tanks have improved flow over boxy sheet metal end tanks found on other intercoolers. These large end tanks feature 3-inch CNC billet inlet and outlet ports to provide a smooth, tapered transition from intake to intercooler. Our team went even further by computer designing precisely molded, custom silicone couplers to provide perfect fitment and optimized geometry for improved airflow volume and velocity- providing unmatched power and response.

This intercooler kit takes full advantage of the GT-R’s available frontal area while improving functionality of the stock intercooler shroud. For even better channeling of air, a supplied bridge plate and shroud plates create a tight seal surrounding the core. This seal ensures that cool air entering the shroud is funneled through the core. The plates stop air from escaping through the sides, above and below the intercooler maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the intercooler core. These are features often overlooked by the competition. All of this in a package that does NOT require cutting of the factory crash beam or bumper cover.

Just like all Alpha GT-R components, there is absolutely no doubt about durability, reliability and fitment of this package! Our Alpha GT-R Race Intercooler mounts firmly to the core support with gusseted aluminum brackets. All 4-ply silicone couplers provide superior strength and fasten securely using Murray Turbo Seal Clamps.The intercooler itself is pressure tested to 50psi and checked for leaks in order to pass inspection. All of this is done to ensure your Alpha GT-R Race Intercooler lasts the lifetime of your GT-R!

Available for purchase with or without stenciled logo.

Priced at $3995. For the first 5 orders we are offering free ground shipping in the 48 states. Contact to order.

No Beuno

4 Aug

Hope your Friday went better than mine did