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Snow Day

27 Dec

We got buried in snow here. Hurricane level winds, and and even lightning = pretty crazy storm. So, we’re closed today, so we can dig ourselves out.


New Product Releases from M7 Japan

18 Dec

Click This Logo to go to the Official M7 Japan Site

Introducing the latest design from M7 Japan, the M7 catback exhaust system is a high performance exhaust system with styling to match. The exhaust is constructed of high grade Japanese stainless steel with ported flanges to increase the exhaust flow for your turbo vehicle. Each exhaust systems are carefully manufactured to the correct specs for easy bolt on installation and fitment. When installed, it provides a excellent exhaust note for daily street driving yet maintain a the race performance of a race exhaust when used under full acceleration.

M7-TCBM-3  M7 T-Titan Catback Exhaust System for Mitsubishi 2008+ EVO X CZ4A (Dual Tip) 

Full 2.75in Stainless Steel Piping
Dual Rear Muffler Design
Replaceable and Length Adjustable Tip (can extended out additional 4in)
M7 Designed silencer within the muffler for the perfect exhaust note
Titanium burnt faded tip

M7-TCBM-5 M7 T-Titan Catback Exhaust System for Subaru 2008+ WRX GH8 (Single Tip)

Full 2.75in Stainless Steel Piping
Single  Rear Muffler Design
Replaceable and Length Adjustable Tip (can extended out additional 4in)
M7 Designed silencer within the muffler for the perfect exhaust note
Titanium burnt faded tip

M7-RST-7 M7 Bride Special Edition Nobuteru Taniguchi Racing Seat (Black/Gradient)

Get your hands on one today! The M7 Limited Edition Nobuteru Taniguchi Racing seat are the same seats used by Taniguchi in the GT racing series  in Japan when he is driving for M7. Each seat features a custom embroidered logo on top with Taniguchi’s name and are FIA approved so you can do some of your own GT racing! Each seat comes with a silver metallic shell and features a non slip buckskin shoulder support. Supplies are limited get one before they run out!

The best part is that all of these items are currently in stock and ready to ship. If you would like pricing on these or any other items from M7 Japan please contact us and we’ll be glad to give you a quote.

Weds SA-60M AND SA-55M Photos

18 Dec

Just got these emailed over from Weds North America.

The Sa-60Ms will not be released until February ’11 but we are currently accepting preorders for February ’11 delivery.

A love that never grows old

18 Dec

I still go apeshit when I see dope Z33s. Adam forwarded me this picture that he found from’s 2010 Nismo festival coverage. Needless to say it is my current wallpaper.

Here is the link to 7tune’s complete coverage of the festival… Click Here!

ATS @ Tsukuba

18 Dec

We recently received this email from ATS’ U.S. distributor and I thought it would be a good idea to post on the blog for those of you who may already have or may be considering an ATS LSD or clutch for your vehicle(s). I know that I always enjoy reading good things about the products installed in my car that I spent my hard earned money on and I’m sure there are others out there who feel the same way.

Dear ATS dealers

Thank you very much for your support for ATS product.

The Annual Tsukuba Time Attack in Japan was held on 12th this year and I would like to share the good news that several ATS LSD equipped cars did very well.

2WD class – Revolution RX7 recorded 53.673.  That was the fastet record for 2WD and was very close to the overall record of 53.589 which is held by HKS evo.

Revolution uses a special ATS carbon LSD.

Street class 2WD    ARMS S15 got the first prize at 1.00.8181  with ATS Spec 3 LSD and the Original Racing Z33 was the third place with ATS carbon clutch.

As an special guest entry,  R Magic RX7 recorded 56.039.  R Magic also uses ATS Spec 3 LSD.

With the most famous tuner in RX 7 world staring using ATS Spec 3 LSD next year   (I cannot tell you who he is right now in writing but you can guess easily),   ATS carbon LSD spec 2 and spec 3 will dominate the rotary world.

We are an authorized ATS and Carbonetics dealer so if you would like pricing on any of the products that they offer please feel free to contact us.

Here is in-car footage of that beast of a run by the revolution RX7…

Gio’s Widebody G35 in the Raw…

16 Dec

Here is a couple of point and shoot shots from Gio from the day he picked up his project from the Bodyshop.

We’ll post up some more detailed photos once the car is completed and a proper photo shoot is done.

Taking it Back

16 Dec

For you Stern show fans, you’ll appreciate that this car “….still holds up”. I first saw this car at T.A.S. back many years ago. One of my favorites. The kit is super aggressive, but it still looks fresh today. Posting it up because a customer just asked us to price out some of the components shown, and another local guy just picked up his coilovers for his GC8 coupe project (which is going to be a beast!)

Rally Wheel Deals (5×114.3)

16 Dec

If you’re a rally guy, or looking for that rally look, we’ve got some great specials for you!

First up, from Italian manufacturer EvoCorse

Size 17 x 8, 5-114.3, ET49
Color: Gold
Weight: 20.1 lbs

Size 18 x 8, 5-114.3, ET49
Color: Gold
Weight: 21.2 lbs

Next, from Japanese manufacturer Taneisya – a forged wheel for less than cast wheel prices!

Size 17 x 8, 5-114.3, ET49
Color: Gold Metal Flake
Weight: 17.7 lbs

for price and availability!

Less is more…

12 Dec

Admittedly I’m not a huge Z32 fan but I have to give credit where credit is due. A set of wheels and a drop have really transformed this car from a mundane 17yr old car to a really nice vehicle.



New Limited Edition Ruby Series Seats from ASM Recaro

11 Dec

ASM is one of those shops in Japan that I don’t think a ton of people outside the S2000 world know about. Among other things, they are the largest Recaro dealer in Japan, and have a dedicated boutique to all things Recaro. Any seat, any color combo, any material…it is in stock, ready for you to try out and purchase. Pretty amazing place, that looks like a high end boutique, and not so much like a place that you bring your car to. And that’s what is so cool about it.

Well, ASM has such a strong alliance with Recaro, that they even have their own versions of select seats made. These usually include a certain black/grey color scheme with red stitching, rarer materials, and they are made in limited numbers. My own Z33 has a set of ASM SRIII Limited II seats in it for the past 3 years that I adore.

Every once in a while, ASM one ups their own game and does an even more limited version of certain seats. They’ve done just that with these new Ruby Edition SR7 and RS-G seats. They feature genuine Alcantera material, special high grip bolsters for your shoulders and mid section to keep you firmly planted, ASM stitched logo, and more. These are extremely rare, and normally only offered for purchase if you go to their showroom in Japan.

However, we will be getting a very limited number of each for our customers. Contact us for price and details!

Legit In Tank 300 LPH Fuel Pump

9 Dec

In recent weeks, rumors have swelled on various forums about a drop in Walbro pump that outflowed the venerable 255 lph units everyone knows about and uses. It’s basically been proven to be complete BS.

Well, we’re pleased to announce DeatschWerks is releasing a legitimate 300 lph in tank pump in the first quarter of 2011. This is sure to be a hot product, but supplies will be extremely limited. The first batch will be ready in January, the second batch in March. Pricing is set at $169 and we’re doing free shipping in all 50 states for those who preorder.

• 100% E85 compatible
• Application specific fitment
• 3-year no-fault warranty
• Flow tested with custom report
• Uses a turbine wheel vs the standard rotor design of the traditional Walbro. This allows for a more consistent fuel delivery vs the pulsed flow of a standard Walbro 255 lph pump.

To reserve yours, give us a call at (631)863-3820

HKS Kansai Diffuser Group Buy Part I – Subaru!

8 Dec

We’ve been asked by a few members in recent weeks to conduct a group buy on genuine HKS Kansai rear diffusers for the WRX and STi. We are going to have both the 02-07 and the 2008 + cars represented in the group buy.

For the 2002-2007 guys, there are 2 basic types. The first comes with the exhaust cutout already predone, for those running stock mufflers, or similar oval type setups (Perrin, Apexi Worldsport, Tanabe Touring Medallion, etc). Some mufflers may need some minor dremeling for full clearance, but nothing that would be any big deal to do. The other type has no cutout at all, and this is best suited for those running any type of angled exhaust, exhausts with particularly large piping (APS 3.5 inch for example), and similar setups. This will allow you to trim the diffuser as you need to suit your particular setup. Again, the trimming is not difficult, and can be done with a dremel and cutoff wheel attachment, some masking tape. Each of the above types come in your choice of Carbon Fiber or Fiberglass (unpainted). Please note, that 200-2007 owners will need the additional fitting kit, and that is reflected in the pricing shown. Prices below [color=red]include[/color] shipping in the 48 states. For any location outside of the US, contact us with your full, complete address and we can look up the costs.

Group Buy Pricing:

HKS Kansai FRP Diffuser 2002-2005 WRX/STI – $849 shipped in the 48 states (cash/money order price is $825.00)
HKS Kansai Carbon Diffuser 2002-2005 WRX/STi – $979 shipped in the 48 states (cash/money order price is $950.00)
HKS Kansai FRP Diffuser 2006-2007 WRX/STi – $909 shipped in the 48 states (cash/money order price is $882.00)
HKS Kansai Carbon Diffuser 2006-2007 WRX/STi – $1039 shipped in the 48 states (cash/money order price is $1008.00)

add $64 to the above prices for Canada

For the 2008 + WRX/STi, the diffuser is carbon and priced at $979 shipped in the 48 states. Add $64 to Canada (cash/money order price is $950.00)

The Group Buy will close on 12/30/2010. Arrival to the states will be mid to late February 2011, and we will ship right away with tracking emailed. We need 5 people to make this happen (any combination of the above, just 5 total people), and I’d like to cap it at 15 people max, just to avoid any issues.

Payment can be made via credit card, check, money order, or cash.

Any questions, let us know!

Z1 Performance

LED Mirror Covers for Evo X

2 Dec

These new LED lense mirror covers from EvoSoul Mirror for your Evo X feature full ABS construction and nice, tight OEM like fitment. All required wiring is included to make them illuminate with your turn signal lenses (replaces factory mirror cover). The lenses themselves are smoked grey for a nice OEM appearance. Ready for prep/paint and install!