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Let’s Go JETS!

31 Oct

Sorry Packers fans we’re taking this one today.



Work Emotion Wheels Special – the Free RS Lugs/Lock Promotion is Back!

27 Oct

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New HKS Manifold for ’08+ WRX/STi – and Check out the Price!

27 Oct

HKS now has a very nice replacement exhaust manifold for the 2008 + WRX and STi. Features full stainless steel contruction, 42mm primaries, a 4-1 design, and includes all required gaskets. Now, I know usually HKS is sometimes HK$, but not in this case. They have priced this aggressively! How long the price will remain this low is still to be determined, so best to snatch it up now while inventory is available and the price is so attractive. Priced now at $550 with free shipping in the 48 states!

Click here to order yours!

The Build Threads of All Build Threads…

26 Oct

Major props to the owner of this BMW 5 series for the amount of hard work he put into this car and for how well he documented everything. I’m not a hellaflush fan but I can appreciate the work of another true car guy when I see it. In any case this might be more “Rat Rod” then “Hellaflush.”


December 16, 2007


September 27, 2010

Check out the complete build thread HERE!

New Tommy Kaira 350Z/Z33 Rear Valence and Exhaust

25 Oct

It’s nice to know that manufacturers are still developing new products for the Nissan 350Z even though it is no longer in production. One of Japan’s top tuning firms, Tommy Kaira, has recently released this fiberglass rear valence for the Z33. The valence takes a few design cues from the 370z to give the 350z rear a slight update. This piece is available with and without the center 370z rear fog lamp.

Also pictured is the Tommy Kaira Premium 01S High Performance Exhaust System (Click Here to View the Press Release, I should warn you that it’s in Japanese). This exhaust is constructed of SUS304 stainless steel with 76mm diameter main piping and 90mm diameter quad slash-cut tips. An optional 60mm diameter Y-Pipe/Front Pipe is also available for purchase from Tommy Kaira to be used in conjunction with this exhaust. Gaskets and hardware are included and the exhaust with the y-pipe installed is rated at a sound level of 90-92 decibels.

All of these items are available for immediate purchase. If you are interested in pricing and availability please contact us.

Moonface Racing Folding Tow Hooks Now Available in New Colors

24 Oct

Available for these cars:

Z33(nismo). Z34(nismo), R35, V35, V36, AP1/AP2, CZ4A, GDB, GRB, SE3P, NCEC

Available in these colors:


Contact us for pricing and availability!

Cusco Braces for 2011 Subaru GVB STI Sedan

24 Oct

Front Strut Bar CUS-692-540-A

Lower Type II Arm Bar CUS-692-477-A

Rear Member Power Brace CUS-692-492-RM

Floor Center Power Brace CUS-692-492-C

Contact us for pricing and availability!

Ahhhhh… ’72 240ZG

23 Oct

This might be the first time I’ve seen a legit 240ZG for sale and its very much a possibility that it will be the last time I see a real one for sale. The front end of this car is the envy of many of s30 and s130 chassis owners.

COCKPIT Wako CPV35 Skyline A.K.A. G35

23 Oct


22 Oct

That’s a thread title that only makes sense to a small group of people in the world, but I think the pictures explain it all.

Fairlady Z432

22 Oct

You’ll be very hard pressed to fine a better/cleaner example of this rare gem.

Porsche GT2 RS in White…

22 Oct

I spotted this at Bingo Sports’ Tokyo Online Showroom…  I love it!

Rally Armor 2011 STI and WRX Sedan Mud Flap Available Soon

22 Oct

The good folks over at Rally Armor sent us a recent update on their product development for the 2011 Subaru STI and WRX sedans. You can expect us to have these mud flaps in stock as soon as they are available for release.

If you own a vehicle that Rally Armor has already produced a set of mud flaps for and you are interested in obtaining a set give us a call and we’ll get you all squared away.

We would like to update you on the progress of our 2011 STI and WRX sedan specific Rally Armor UR mud flaps. Having completed development and testing, we are now in the final stages of production and anticipate a release date in approximately 2 weeks.

Below, see recent images of the UR mud flap on a 2011 STI sedan: 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our UR mud flaps for the 2011 STI and WRX sedans feature a 100% drill free mounting solution. Employing stainless steel brackets for all 4 flaps, simply mount the hardware to the vehicle then the mud flaps to the brackets thereby avoiding drilling.

Utilizing premium, flexible urethane, the mud flaps offer optimal coverage and protection against potentially damaging road debris – all using  the same durable, shock resistant and pliable material utilized in our premium “UR” series mud flaps.

My JBL MS-8 Has Arrived!

11 Oct

Either you know what this is and your giving me my well deserved props right now or you have no idea what the hell this is and you are wondering why I am posting this. I’d explain but I have no time and I wanted to post this before I run out to class. If you need to know what this is just google it and you quickly see how dope this piece is.

Giken Goodies 4 Moi

8 Oct

I finally ordered the clutch and L.S.D. for my build a few weeks ago and they both arrived at our shop yesterday.

For the clutch I went with the O.S. Giken STR2CD, because I honestly have no patience for obnoxious clutches on a street driven car. This clutch should have no problem holding the torque that I expect my motor to output. As I write this it is already in transit to my machinist/motor builder to be balanced with my crank.

I weighed it and its 32lbs for the complete clutch and flywheel assembly.

It’s so pretty…

I also made sure to grab a O.S. Super Lock Limited Slip Differential while I was at it.