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Reduce the Bodyroll

29 Aug


Looking for a quick and affordable way to reduce the body roll, and increase the cornering ability of your 2003-2008 350Z, or 2003-2007 G35 coupe (or RWD sedan), then the ST Swaybar set should be on your To Do list. These are a solid steel set of bars front and rear, and unlike some competitors, include the required bushings. At $355 for the front and rear set, it’s a hard deal to beat.

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29 Aug



A client in the midwest recently sent over some pics of his baby. He recently treated the car to some interior upgrades from Works Bell. The hub and limited edition matte black Yoshi Rapfix II allows him to easily and safely remove his rare NSX-R steering wheel. Stay tuned for future mods!

Out of the Corner of My Eye….

28 Aug

Driving home the other day, I spotted this exceptionally clean 928. Had an exhaust, sounded wonderful. Can’t quite plate the wheels, perhaps they are the Club style? Anyway, it almost sounded boosted, and I spotted a gauge on the a pillar (boost?). Looked to be a late model with the revised front bumper and S4 style spoiler. While traveling he pulls up ahead a bit and on the back I spot the badge: 928GT. Interesting…very interesting. The GT was a limited run car Porsche made in 1989-1991. From what I have looked up only 150 were brought stateside. I’ve heard of them before but if genuine this would be the first I’ve ever seen. The GT had a 5 liter V8, 330hp, electronic rear LSD, and even TPMS. The Germans are always so far ahead of the curve with accessories like that.

I have always appreciated these cars – they have obvious road prescience, and they have aged extremely well. Particularly the later cars. They are 20-25 years old now and could easily pass for something far more modern. The engines are like cashmere – totally smooth, but pack a punch. While they are heavy cars, they are an awesome GT. I can’t think but help that the modem Aston/Jaguar/Maserati/BMW 6 series didn’t have a 928 somewhere in the back of the engineers mind when they were being designed. It’s an awesome long touring sports coupe. We had a client that had a very early car – a 1978 as I recall, which I was lucky enough to take out for a brief run years ago, after some work was completed. I would estimate around 1997-1998. I recall even today the V8 pulling solidly, even though it had all that mass to lug around, and the car being extremely tight.

First couple pics are from online I found. Last one is the only one I managed to grab while driving…apologies in advance for the crap quality – it didn’t seem that far away when I snapped it 😦





Spotted: Bavarian Classic

25 Aug


Ciao Bella

25 Aug


Saw this over on and and it’s worth sharing to those who haven’t seen it.

Edit – apologies the links aren’t hyper-clickable…gotta work on that

Kimi, Where Are You?

22 Aug

Conspicuously absent at Spa. Lotus posted this lighthearted screenshot to egg it on



Cafe con Maranello

21 Aug


Advan RS-DF Forged Wheels

18 Aug

Brand new forged goodness from Advan/Yokohama: click the pics for pricing and exact sizes/offsets

Advan RS-DF

Advan RS-DF

Advan RS-DF

Advan RS-DF

This new forged wheel from Advan Japan combines a classic 10 spoke sports wheel shape, with a series of different lips. These are sold in 19 inch sizes only, in widths ranging from 8 inches to 10.5 inches in both 5×100 and 5×114.3 patterns. Available in Hyper Bronze, Black and Hyper Silver.

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View From Above

16 Aug


Koni Sale: 350Z and G35

15 Aug
Koni Yellow Sport Shock Set 350Z/G35 Coupe

Koni Yellow Sport Shock Set 350Z/G35 Coupe

We’ve got a single set of the famed Koni Yellow sport shocks on special right now. Front/Rear set to suit 2003-2008 350Z (all models) and 2003-2007 G35 coupe. These are the best bolt on sport shocks available for these cars, and now at a price even better than before.

To order just drop us a line at Worldwide shipping also available.

From the “nah, they fit fine” Department

9 Aug



HKS Summer Sale: Begins Monday August 12

9 Aug


Starting Monday August 12 and continuing through Friday, August 16, all HKS items are on sale! HKS is Japan’s premier manufacturer of performance parts for performance vehicles. Their parts are second to none because they race what they make. There are tons of items on sale, many more than we can just list here. Drop us a line at with your HKS needs.


7 Aug

Photo by @NileshRParmar – with just an iPhone!



Electric Parking Only

7 Aug


History Lesson

7 Aug

On this day in ’88, Hungary: Ayrton Senna & Alain Prost took McLaren’s 10th 1-2 finish. A truly awe-inspiring season.