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Ready to Pounce

29 Nov

Old stuff (and this isn’t even that old) is just so cool

A gorgeous example of a DP Motorsport935.

NSX+RS=Hell Yes

28 Nov

Scientific fact posted right there! Take an awesome NSX (owned by good customer in Chi-town) and a bad ass set of wheels (Advan RS) and you’ve got yourself a winning combo!

DIY: Urethane Transmission Mount 350Z/G35

27 Nov

Had some time to sit down and install our new urethane transmission mount for one of our 350Z’s. This mount is a billet aluminum casing, and we offer it with 3 grades of urethane – 60a (comfort), 75a (sport) and 90a (race). We used the 75a for my car.

To start off, use the factory recommended jack points front and rear (see picture 1). With the car up in the air, your first thing is to remove the factory transmission cross member. This is a black steel beam that runs the width of the transmission (see picture 2). To loosen the crossmember from the chassis, there are 4 x 14mm bolts. You’ll now see the transmission mount, attached to the underside of the transmission (picture 3). Next, you will remove the long gold bolt/spacer from the stock transmount, which runs through the crossmember. To gain better access to the bolt, we found it easiest to remove the Y pipe, as it makes things. Since mine has been in there for a few years and I had noticed a bit of an exhaust leak recently, I took this opportunity to replace all the Y pipe gaskets and kill 2 birds with one stone. Take a jack, or jackstand, and place it under the transmission to keep it from sagging. It is still attached to the engine at the bellhousing, as well as the driveshaft, but you don’t want any accidents! Finally, remove the 2 x 14mm bolts and the transmission mount comes off the transmission. Fitting the new mount is just a direct reversal of the above process and goes right in.

So what does it feel like – HOLY SHIT stiff! The car immediately has a much deeper tone inside the cabin just by virtue of the fact that the new mount has much less slop in it, and has a full radius bushing (if you look in the picture showing the side by side with the stock mount, you can see daylight!). It was so much different sounding I thought my Y pipe was still disconnected! The shifter has a much more positive feel to it, which is very noticeable especially at higher rpm shifts. Engaging first and running through the gears from a dead stop, you immediately notice that the car has a much more direct overall feel. If you are in a higher rpm and just crusing (for example 2nd, entering a turn) the slight rocking back and forth that the car used to have is completely gone. I’ll drive the car through the weekend provided the weather is nice and post any noticeable changes.


More JDM-Ness

25 Nov

Seriously, does it ever end with these cars? Just when we say we’re done, we find some other neat accessory that we just gotta have. Anyway, Kwame had pointed this out to me a few months back. He tried ordering it online from some random online store because he didn’t want to bug me about something small and stupid. He ended up having to chase them down for a refund when they failed to deliver.

JDM Cargo/Luggage Net

Anyway, we just got a couple of these in, and it’s different than the US Spec one, which lays flat on the floor of the trunk (making it good for like random water bottles or cd’s but nothing with any size). This is great for making sure bags don’t go flying when you’re carving through the twisties (going to come in very handy at ZDayz!)

Anyway, if anyone is interested in one, let me know. Takes a few weeks to get.

Properly Mounted

25 Nov

Just click the pics to order yours!

If you’ve been looking for an alternative to the Cusco mounts which are damn near impossible to find now (unless we air them from Japan), these are the ones for you!

We have now addedthe Beatrush line to our product offerings. Among their most popular parts are these awesome engine mounts for the 2002-2009 WRX/STi, and their 6 speed (STi only) transmission mount

Stealth Fighter

25 Nov

Walk soft and carry a big stick. Alot of enthusiasts say that’s what they want, but peer pressure often takes over and out comes the useless carbon fiber overlay roof, the gaudy wheels, the ill fitting body kits, etc. Here we have the very definition of a stealth car. Not only is it clean, it layeth the smacketh down! How’s 500hp grab ya?

This belongs to a local customer, and is my idea of a perfect daily driver! The car features a hose of mods that really make it something unique.

It’s for sale too, so if you’re looking for a great daily driver, here’s your chance!

Stealth Fighter for Sale – No Reserve!

Cosworth Price Drop? Yep!

25 Nov

Cosworth Front Mount Intercooler 2008 + STi - Click to Order!

Cosworth just announced a price reduction in their front mount intercooler kit for the 2008 + STi!

Just click the picture to order yours!

This kit includes:

• Large efficient core in anodized black finish for subtle appearance.
• Large diameter mandrel bent aluminum tubing with fine texture gray powder coated finish.
• 4-ply heavy duty silicone coupling hoses.
• Isolated mounting system.
• Liner hose clamps.
• 2.5″ Hot side core inlet / 2.75 cold side core inlet.
• Compatible with stock air box and cold air inlet duct.
• No cutting or trimming of vehicle body required.
• Comprehensive instruction manual.
• Robust intercooler core mounting system

More G’s Please

25 Nov

I’ve received a bunch of emails that we have great Z content but we ignore the G’s, so here is one for you G35 lovers.

This belongs to Army member Lance, who is stationed in Afghanistan right now. A great example of a well sorted, and ultra clean G35! I wish some 350Z owners would take note of how the G guys do things a bit better. While the Z guys seem to favor wilder bodykits, and less cohesiveness overall, I notice the G guys like to keep things relatively simple, and classy.

Mods include:

Greddy 20g TT kit
Greddy EVO TT exhaust
Wiesco pistons
Pauter rods
ACT clutch/flywheel combo
Tein coilovers
Alliance BBK
Work Varianza T1S wheels
Many more mods…

I’ll see if I can find a dyno sheet to show you guys too! Enjoy

Yes Please

23 Nov

If I ever strike it rich and can indulge in buying/racing classic cars, this would be at the top of my wish list


21 Nov

Garage Cleanup – Fujitsubo Exhaust for 350Z for Sale

19 Nov

Up for grabs is a stainless Fujitsubo Legalis R exhaust for the 350Z. This is one of the nicest exhausts ever produced for these cars. Full stainless steel with artfully done TIG welds throughout. The sound is deeper than NISMO, but more subdued. If you are after a mature sounding exhaust that doesn’t scream “rice-tastic” then this is for you! I used to have this on my own car, and absolutely loved it. This bolts up to your stock, or aftermarket Y pipe, and fits 2003-2008 cars (non NISMO).

The exhaust is very clean, tips are straight and it’s ready for install. They do have some scrapes on the bottom side of each tip and the underside of the canister from normal use, and there is a ding on the back underside of the muffler (completely not visible when installed).


Holiday Cash Back Deals on All Eibach Springs!!!

18 Nov

From now until December 31, 2009, Eibach is offering 10% cash back on ALL springs purchased from Z1 Performance! No matter what car you’ve got, your friend has, your boyfriend/girlfriend, neighbor…whatever! Just give us a call at (631)863-3820, and we’ll take care of you!

New Prova Steering Wheels for 2008 + Subaru’s

18 Nov

These have been out for a couple months now, but it’s new to us and I figured most people are not yet aware of them!

These wheels were done as a joint venture between Prova Japan and DAMD, one of Japan’s most respected aftermarket manufacturers. They teamed up to offer steering wheel replacements that are remarkable improvements vs the stock units!

These are offered in 2 types – one with a flat, or D shaped bottom, and the other that is round. Both wheels measure 358mm (stock is 375mm), which while smaller than stock, remains comfortable and functional for daily use. These are trimmed in suede and alcantera. Both have red stitching, and feature an embossed Prova logo, letting everyone know they are the real deal! The best part is, your factory airbag assembly, and all steering wheel controls fit right back in place with zero modifications!

Click here to order yours!

New CP Forged Piston for WRX/STi

18 Nov

CP has just released their new 9.0:1 compression pistons for the Subaru EJ255 and EJ257 engine. They are offered in 99.5mm, 99.75mm or 100mm bore. To order yours, just give us a shout!

Z1 Performance
AIM: z1auto

For Sale: Work Meister S1-3P (Lightly Used)

17 Nov

Up for sale is a set of lightly used Work Meister S1-3P. Sizes are 19×9.5 +24, O disk up front, and 19×11 +22, A disk out back. These came from us originally, and were on Shaun’s car for a few months. They only have a few thousand miles on them. The front tires are in as-new condition, rears could stand to be replaced (twin turbo’s + a VQ = frequent tire purchases!). They are in fantastic shape – no damage, no scratches. They are also assembled using the rarer black rivets. Tires are 265/30/19 up front, 305/30/19 out back, Potenza RE050A, and we are letting them go with our without the tires.