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1/10th Scale Memories

29 Apr

Jon posted the pic of his new 280zx r/c car last week. Over the last few days he picked up an RX7 body and just finished the paint and detail work. Looks sweet!

I’ve had this Tamiya NSX in my closet for years now that’s still unassembled. One of these days I’ll get it wrapped up so we can tear around a parking lot- reliving our youth






Days Gone By

29 Apr


Courtesy of @GermanCarScene

Belated Easter Egg (Mercedes)

25 Apr


AST Suspension

24 Apr

We are now offering the full range of street and competition suspension products from AST. These are not the all-too-common made in China coilovers that have flooded the market in the last 12-24 months. These are custom designed, bespoke units made in the Netherlands, and enjoyed by competitors worldwide. Many ‘other’ brands contract out to AST for manufacturing and development work, and now these products are available directly to our customers. Contact us at for all your AST needs. We will be adding product to the site in the coming weeks.

Bride Evo X Base Clearance

24 Apr

We’ve got a pair of driver/passenger RO bases in stock that need a new home. MSRP is $250 per side, + shipping. Letting them go for $388 SHIPPED in the 48 states. Brand new in the box, never used or installed. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, or any other location in the world, just as. Contact us at for a quote or to order

For the Dog(box)

23 Apr

New PPG Dogbox for Porsche 911’s. Contact us @ for yours

New Parts for FT86/BRZ

23 Apr

Some new toys coming as these cars start hitting our shores

From KW, KW has the Varient III coilovers. These European bread, track test, street friendly coilovers allow for a 20-50mm drop up front and rear. Features independantly adjustable compression and rebound, allowing the user to really tailor the ride quality and behavior to suit virtually any street or track condition. Full stainless construction to survive the elements, and full TUV approval.

From HKS, a whole bevy of performance parts are trickling in. From their famed intake setups, to suspension and exhaust. In a unique move, HKS is also introducing Value Packs, which combines both suspension and exhaust components into 1 package, allowing new users to dive right in and start tweaking these cars right from the outset.

Contact us at for your KW and HKS needs

Scaled Down

22 Apr

Pretty cool when you can build a 1/10th scale radio controlled version of your actual car.

The model:




And the full size version:




Guess which one runs lol. One of these days I’ll get the real one back on the road. As with most projects, lack of time/money. Ran great, insanely fast, but ran out of injector at 16 psi on a T66. A series of “might as well” changes ensued, and well, I never it finished the changes, as this took over:


Day in the Life of a Not So Typical Supercar

22 Apr

Whether fair weather

Or foul

Ferrari 458 Challenge @ Imola

21 Apr

Ferrari 458 Challenge on-board camera: Niki Cadei in Imola

Caught in the Wild

21 Apr

Spotted on a NH highway a little while ago. Stunning. Not a car you see many of in the flesh.



Serious Business

19 Apr

The car is from 1977.  Another of example of how Porsche takes engineering speed to another level.


8:58 of Pure Fun

19 Apr

Storm Trooper

18 Apr

How many times have people claimed to own/build/sell Darth Vaders car. People love to toss that tag line on any type of vehicle that’s all black. Personally I think Darth would drive something like a ’62 ( is that correct?) Lincoln Continental. You know the one with the suicide doors.

But what about the rest of the Star Wars crew? The Ford RS200 is as rare, and cool a car as anyone has ever made. This is what a Storm Trooper would get after lots of overtime, or, I could also see Boba Fet behind the wheel too (he’s a mercenary, those guys gotta make $).




PS: 600 go, ~2300 lbs. Class (and nearly everything else with 4 tires) dismissed

Ur Rare

18 Apr

Always loved these cars. While the Sport (short wheel base) versions are the truly special models, the standard coupes still look good today. Anyone ever own one?