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Rare JDM Engine Harness Cover 350Z/G35

29 Apr
"Rare JDM, Inc" Harness Cover 350Z/G35

We just got our first shipment in today of these. It’s refreshing to find a nicely made, functional piece that doesn’t break the bank! This engine harness cover is for 2003-2006 350Z and G35 owners who don’t want to run the factory plastic engine cover, but who want those unsightly wires out of site.

Made of polished aluminum, this is a direct bolt on install (all hardware is included) that takes a few minutes, and dresses up the engine bay beautifully.

Priced at just $115 shipped in the 48 states – just click the picture to purchase yours, or stop down!


New 5Zigen Pro Racer Exhaust for 370Z

28 Apr

Just added this new product to the lineup. Sounds amazing! Full stainless steel, includes a new Y pipe, and still meets the 92 db rating limit. Another top notch exhaust from 5Zigen Japan. We’ve got a promotion going on for this system right now, contact us for the best deal out there!

Evo Mini Meet

27 Apr

This past week, a bunch of our local Evo crew got together, as they do every week. OG’s mix with new members, and it’s a very relaxed, calm atmosphere. Just bs’ing, grabbing some coffee, and talking about mods, forum clowns, and life in general. Some pics courtesy of Illmatic (what up Alchy!)

Someone tell Mike he needs to be lowered with the quickness!

Night Falls on Virginia

27 Apr

Ross, a good customer of ours from Virigina, called us a few weeks ago and began gathering some ASM parts for his spring makeover. Just got the final result pictures today, and they turned out great! The ASM hood is easily my favorite right now – clean and aggressive all at the same time. ASM front bumper + canards, combined with NISMO US spec sideskirts and Chargespeed rear bumper round out the bodykit. First time I think I’ve seen the ASM parts in black – looks really clean. New SSR Type F wheels in black finish out the sinister look. The car already had the Stoptech brakes front/rear and rides on Bilstein coilovers. Props go out to his bodyshop D&V Autobody for a job well done!

Spring has Sprung

26 Apr

Was doing my normal Sunday morning ritual surfing around the net for cool stuff and came across some video excerpts from an awesome documentary on Cosworth engine builds.  It had a pretty minimal number of views and was only posted a month or so ago – “wow, cool” I thought.  Then of course I head over to Eric Hsu’s Blog – Beyond the Dyno. Of course, he had ’em posted (no shit, since he works there!). Anyway, good stuff, worth watching if you’re curious as to how important a valvespring is in the grand scheme of things.

Drop Dead Gorgeous Redhead

26 Apr

Not content to rest on their laurels, the guys at Garage Saurus have continued development work on their amazing 550 project.  Latest additions include dual HKS F-Cons, and Quantum coilovers.  New Panasports coming soon too.

Pictures courtest of their blog (see link in our blog roll).  This car is simply fantastic!

Orange Crush Installed

25 Apr

A couple shots of G’s awesome NSX.  He went full Team Orange…quick release, steering wheel and Works Bell Hub.  Compliments the color scheme of the car perfectly

Orange Crush

25 Apr

Just got in the Works Bell Team Orange steering wheels – pretty cool stuff.  I know it’s a bit washed out looking, not sure what I did differently on this pic.  A rare, rare piece indeed (in stock if you want one!) 

Barry’s New Shoes

25 Apr

For your viewing pleasure – Advan RS, 18×9 +45 in gunmetal for his ’08 STi.  Fitting 265’s on these – should look fierce.  Barry – shoot me some installed pics please so we can show off all the new toys!


25 Apr

Kwame and I both had one yesterday – that Shaun’s car is going to be one of   the baddest Z’s out there, period, game over, when she is all done.  For those  that don’t know or remember, this is the car getting the Amuse Superleggerawidebody (genuine, thank you very much). 

 Kwame got his hands dirty fitting the front spacers yesterday, and it was the first time we were able to see the wheels and tires mounted with the car on the ground – sexy time, go make hand party….

Next up – Shaun’s gotta get his ass on down here so he can coordinate things with the body shop.

Access Evolution 370Z…

24 Apr

This is the look the car had prior to the new Work Gnosis GS2s posted earlier…

  • Volk Ce28
  • Access Evolution 6/4 BBK (380mm Front Rotor)
  • Amuse R1 Titan Exhaust
  • Sunline Racing Carbon Fiber Roof Overlay
  • Zeal Coilovers
  • Other Stuff I’ve forgotten..

Z34 & SSR…

24 Apr


Do Work!…Wait have I used this title before? Eh, Whatever

23 Apr

20″ Work Gnosis Gs2s on a 370Z looking killer!

Z Roadster and XSA-02C

23 Apr

I posted this on my350z in a thread, but this really should have been posted here a long ass time ago.


23 Apr

After all the money that we alone at the shop have spent on your products you couldn’t find one Japanese dude who spoke correct English to proofread this before you permanently affixed this to your/my product?

ARC Cooling Panel says what now?

ARC Cooling Panel says what now?