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Limited Edition Personal Grinta Steering Wheel – Kingston Edition – Ya Mon

31 Jan

We have a very limited # of these Kingston-Edition Personal Grinta wheels available for purchase. These are offered in 330mm only, leather, and feature an interwoven red, yellow and green stitch and special green logo horn button, in honor of Bob Marley and the great island nation of Jamaica. Only 30 were made so it’s a very rare find! to order – priced at $275 + shipping each.


A Splash of Color Makes All the Difference

31 Jan

This awesome specimen belongs to a good customer of ours down in Florida. Way too many mods to list, but the pics speak for themselves.

The Countdown is On!

27 Jan

The start of the 2012 Motorsport season is almost here…the 24 Hours of Dayonta starts tomorrow @ 2:30 PM EST on Speed.

TELEVISION: SPEED: Saturday 2:30 p.m.-11p.m. ET; Sunday 9 a.m.-4 p.m. ET

STREAMING: Saturday 3:30 p.m. – 4 p.m. ET Sunday (Live! Streaming Link)

SOCIAL: Follow all the Rolex news on Twitter with #50thRolex24, and from reporters @MarshallPruett and @JohnDagys.

Of course the usual racing stars will be there – Papis, Rojas, Rahal, Montoya, Fittipaldi, Law, McNish. But check this out

Most Motorsport fans know how hard core is Patrick Dempsey is about racing. His RX8 qualified great and he’ll be there. But did you know Brian Johnson (lead singer of AC/DC) is also in the field? Yep – he’s a huge car/motorsport nut.

What’s more, this is the 50th Anniversary of the 24, so lots of celebration abound.

Dream Car Garage – Rising Sun Edition Volume 1 (and a Contest!)

26 Jan

You remember sitting in your bedroom, staring at the ceiling, pics of 911 Turbos, the ubiquitous Countach, and Heather Locklear adorning the walls…dreaming of what you would like to have, it you could have what you liked. Lots of guys would stack the deck with exotic after exotic. We’ve certainly featured alot of those cars here before, and will always continue to do so. But what about the common mans dream car garage?

I’ve always loved the limited edition version of just about anything. It has a certain inherent cache to it. One car I learned about years ago from Jonathan, was the RX7, FC3S Infini Edition. It was essentially sort of a combineation of cars, with some unique twists. Nice suede seats (Recaro? someone out there must know), as I recall no sunroof, a special dark, dark green color (there were actually 2 different shades, depends on production date), bronze tinted glass, the mesh wheels found on later version US Turbo II models, a subtle but unique rear spoiler (same as an S4 Turbo II/GTU), and a host of other changes. I love the RE Spoiler on the first car though. Jon had this on his FC, I’d surely fit this to my version if I had one.

As I assemble my virtual dream car garage, JDM Edition, this would occupy a space for sure. Stay tuned for the next installments!

If you could assemble a garage of the best ‘regular’ enthusiast cars from across the globe, what would it consist of? No crazy exotics, just stuff that is on your list and somewhat attainable/buildable by the average Joe. Submit your entry, and if we pick it (will be a random drawing, name in the hat type deal), you’ll get a $25 gift certificate, simple as that!

Pricing Drop? Yessir….Tomei Content Inside!!!

22 Jan

Pricing has just been LOWERED on several awesome Tomei Japan products

The following products have new, lowered pricing effective immediately:

Tomei Titanium Catback for Evo 7-9 both USDM and JDM bumper versions
Tomei Titanium Test pipe for Evo 7-9
Tomei Titanium Catback for Evo X
Tomei Titanium Test pipe for Evo X
Tomei Titanium Catback for Hyundai Genesis
Tomei Titanium Test pipe for Hyundai Genesis
Tomei Titanium Catback for 02-07 WRX/STi both USDM and JDM spec

Tomei Pro and Pon Camshafts for 350Z/G35 with VQ35DE, Revup and HR Engines
Tomei Pro and Pon Camshafts for VQ38DETT for R35 GTR
Tomei Pro and Pon Camshafts for RB26DETT
Tomei Pro and Pon Camshafts for RB25DET
Tomei Pro and Pon Camshafts for RB20DET
Tomei Pro and Pon Camshafts for SR20DET
Tomei Pro and Pon Camshafts for SR20DE
Tomei Pro and Pon Camshafts for CA18DET
Tomei Pro and Pon Camshafts for Evo X (4B11T Engine)
Tomei Pro and Pon Camshafts for Evo 1-9 (4G63 Engine)
Tomei Pro and Pon Camshafts for Toyota 4AG Engine (why not take this opportunity and combine it with our Toyota Timing Belt Kit!)

Killer Deal on Amazing Tire

20 Jan

Toyo R1R

Toyo R1R –

An aggressive, arrowhead tread design, extra wide footprint, high-grip compound, and advanced autocross-inspired casing design, provide every advantage while driving hard through the corners and quickly accelerating in the straight-aways. It’s extreme performance for serious street driving.

•Silica reinforced high-grip compound.
•Stability control slits maintain the block stiffness during aggressive braking.
•Tapered center block edge increases center block stiffness.
•Unidirectional arrowhead shaped pattern enables excellent water drainage.
•Tapered center block edge increases hydroplaning resistance.
•Silica reinforced high-grip tread compound increases wet grip.
•Advanced autocross-inspired casing design with modified radial construction increases casing stiffness to give crisper handling.
•Multi-width EVAC channels improves water dispersion and contributes to improved steering response by narrowing towards the tire edge to widen the shoulder block area.
•Jointless bead wire.
•Wide high-tensile steel belts.
•High steel side-ply (select sizes).
•T-Mode Design Technology.
•Spiral wound cap ply.
•Computer optimized low profile design

225-50-16 – $569 shipped for the set of 4!!!!
235-40-17 – $589 shipped for the set of 4!!!!
245-40-17 – $699 shipped for the set of 4!!!!

OS Giken Clutches for Your Evo Now Online

20 Jan

OS Giken Triple Disk Clutch Evo X

OS Giken Twin Disk Clutches Evo X

OS Giken Triple Disk Clutch Evo V-IX

OS Giken Twin Disk Clutches Evo V-IX

OS Giken Single Disk Clutch Evo X

OS Giken Single Disk Clutches Evo V-IX

If you’re looking for an alternative to the Exedy clutches, and don’t want to try your luck and one of the Johnny-come-lately units currently flooding the market, we’ve got your solution.

OS Giken is one of the oldest Japanese performance parts manufacturers in the game. We have now added their full range of single, twin and triple disk clutch for the Evo V-X to our product range, and full specs and pricing can be found by clicking the respective pictures above.

These clutches are unique in that they convert the car from push to pull design, offering better launches and high speed shifts without the lockout issues that plague Evo drivers. Plus include integrated lightweight 1 piece chromoly flywheels, all at very competitive pricing. Plus, better overall power holding ability vs the Exedy’s.

Contact us at for special promotion deals!

Wheel Bearing Kit for AE86 Corolla

19 Jan

Our wheel bearing kit for the AE86 Corolla gives you everything needed to complete the job on these awesome cars. With the low offset wheels so common nowadays, combined with people’s frequency at track and drift day events, it’s no surprise that wheel bearings will wear out. Plus, let’s face it, your Hachi isn’t getting any younger! These kits feature top shelf components from OEM suppliers like Koyo, Schaeffler and Nok.

We offer this as a front kit only, rear kit only, or a front/rear replacement kit.

Front kit includes: both inner AND outer bearings (we see lots of guys only offer the inner…weird, and not the right way to do the job), and wheel seal plus Lubro Moly bearing grease. Priced @ $69 shipped in ALL 50 states

Rear kit includes bearing assembly and retainer and seal. Priced @ $119 shipped in ALL 50 states

Front and Rear Kit – priced @ $169 shipped in ALL 50 states

To order, email or call 631-863-3820

Thank you!

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

16 Jan

With all the talk of the ‘new’ 86, I figured why not post a really nice example of an older one. I dont know much about it, but its a gorgeous example, and the owner seems to have a bit of a show fetish

New Tanabe Z40 Coilovers – Maximum Comfort

12 Jan

Tanabe Z40 Coilover

Tanabe has just announced their Z40 line of coilovers for select Japanese vehicles. These coilovers feature KYB 40 way adjustable dampers, dual height adjustability (preload independant of rideheight), nickle plated threads, and a host of other features. Valving is specifically set up to provide day to day ride comfort while still allowing a broad height adjustment range. Springs used are the same compound as found on several GT500 class cars (Tanabe being one of the few ISO certified firms set up to wind their own springs).

These are being offered for:

Honda CRZ, Honda Fit, Honda Insight, Infiniti G35 coupe and sedan, Infiniti M35, Lxus GS300, Lexus GS400, Lexus HS250h, Lexus IS250 (RWD), Lexus IS350, Lexus LS430, Mitsubishi Evo X, Nissan 350Z, Nissan 370Z, 2008+ Subaru STi, and the Toyota Prius. For full specs and details, contact us at or click the picture above

Whiteline Rear Differential Bushings for 350Z/G35

12 Jan

Whiteline Rear Subframe Bushings 350Z/G35

Whiteline continues to expand their range for these cars with the introduction of the new rear differential bushing kit for the 350Z/G35.

These are the ideal solution for someone who knows the sloppiness that the factory rubber bushings exhibit, or who have had the unfortunate experience of having their rear subframe bushing burst on them. Tell tales signs of this are a black line of ‘goo’ down the rear subframe by the differential.

The urethane kit is significantly more rigid vs. stock, but not as uncompromising as the solid aluminum versions we also offer. Ideal for the performance oriented street car or those who do track days. Offered only as a complete set with all the bushings to mount the rear differential to the subframe

Click the picture for full details and to order or contact us at

Whiteline Compression Arm Bushings for 350Z/G35

11 Jan

Whiteline Compression Rod Bushing 350Z/G35

New from the boys down under at Whiteline comes the urethane compression arm bushing for the 350Z and G35. If you own one of these cars, and you’re lowered on springs or coilovers, chances are you have replaced your factory bushings at least once already. On my car, I’ve done them twice and although the car is hibernating for the winter, come spring time it’s due for a change again. The problem manifests itself in a general ‘clunk’ under braking, or sudden suspension arm movements, such as over a speedbump. In my experience it tends to remain relatively quiet during highway driving. basically what happens is the soft rubber arm deflects too much, causing sloppiness, and under extreme conditions, can blow apart causing all sorts of potential safety issues.

The Whiteline urethane replacement should fill the gap for those street oriented guys who don’t want to go to a solid bearing setup (ala the SPL part we offer), but want something more durable than the factory rubber pieces. At $95 a pair, these are an economical way to solve a well documented issue on these cars. Click the picture for details or to order yours

Yes, we know Energy makes these bushings too, and yes, we carry them as part of their Master Kit, but more than a few people have complained about the squeaking noises with these. One thing I can tell you about Whiteline, having used and sold tons of them in the past on the 350Z and G35, they are absolutely silent. Plus, a lifetime guarantee against any defects ain’t too shabby either!

Spring Semester 2012: Gear Calculations 101

11 Jan

Found this neat calculator online care of Tomei that I figured lots of people would find useful

Gear Calculator

Braid Wheels – Classic Series

10 Jan

There is a very obvious renaissance going on with older cars nowadays. Lots of people are re-discovering that old imports are very, very cool cars to mod. Whether your doing a period correct version, or a resto-mod blending modern with classic, you need a cool set of wheels to really finish it. For all those out there with a classic Datsun, Mazda, Toyota, Mini, Lotus, Ford, you name it – we got ya covered!

Braid’s Classic Series are an example of their ever expanding lineup. Unlike many modern brands, Braid hasn’t forgotten the classic cars. The combination of size/offset/width/color is literally whatever you can dream up. These come in sizes ranging from 13 inch to 15 inch, and widths ranging from 4.5 inch to 15 inch.

Standard color is white, gloss black, satin black, gold, silver, red, anthracite, etc,. Custom colors are available. (+$30). Serie 1 RC and Serie 2 RC can be made with machined spoke face, (+$12). Machining is standard for gold finish. Standard rim finish is anodised silver. Rims can also be polished (+$10), or painted (inner +$10, outer +$15).

Screws can be finished any standard color (+$12), hidden or semi-hidden with some exceptions.

Except for Serie 4 RC, all Classic wheels are available with or without center caps without extra charge except Serie 4 RC wheels which are made with Blind Centres. This means they don’t have a through hole but a BRAID sticker in the solid centre.

Standard offset range -100 to +100. All wheels are made hubcentric with steel bolt hole inserts

Any questions you have, let us know! email or call (631)863-3820

Torque Solutions Shifter Bushings 2010+ Mazdaspeed 3

10 Jan

Torque Solution shifter base bushing kit replaces the OEM rubber bushings
on the bottom of the shifter providing a more stable shifter platform and
mounting points. This yields an improved shifting feel w/ less play within
the shifter cage when engaging gears.

Cnc machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum
Installs in under 30 minutes
Black anodized
Life Time Warranty
Made in USA

contact us at to order yours! We will be doing these on our MS3 in the coming weeks

Shifter Base Bushing Kit: Mazdaspeed 3 2010+ – Retail: $22.95