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The Seinfeld Party

30 Jan

From the episode where they go to the party on Long Island. 2 RX7’s and a Z.



Rally Level Brakes for Evo VI-X

30 Jan



wilwoodrallywithwheelWe now have a new Wilwood based rally brake kit available for Evo 6-9, as well as a kit for the Evo X!

These kits utilize the Wilwood Dynalight Forged Calipers (4 piston), and include a vented rotor, all required hardware, and Wilwood BP-10 compound pads. This kit is offered for both the front AND rear, and the rear even uses the stock e brake! The best part is, these will fit under 15 inch wheels, making them a perfect choice for rally guys, and even drag guys, who want a durable, functional, reliable and strong brake kit without any risks. Various options are offered alacarte, such as slotted rotors, Superlight calipers, and alternate pad compounds. Front kit is priced at $1140.00, rear kit is priced at $1400.00 (shipping varies depending on location). Contact for your kit!

Tomei Titanium Exhaust and Y Pipe 350Z

29 Jan
Tomei Titanium Exhaust 350Z

Tomei Titanium Exhaust 350Z

After nearly 2 years since we first brought you the information, this exhaust and a new Y pipe are available for purchase.

Pizza Dishes

28 Jan


Got a picture recently from a client with an ’07 Corvette Z06 and installed the new DBA 5000 T3 series rotors and Hawk HP + pads. BIG rotors on this thing (355mm are stock size), and you save a significant amount of weight over the 1 piece OE rotors

Everything in its Right Place

26 Jan
TAG E30 M3

TAG E30 M3

Looks like a good place to do work


And a damn good song of the same title, from Radiohead, from their seminal album Kid A (and also found in “Vanilla Sky”, where the video clips are from….a damn good movie).

Thou Shall Not Covet…..

26 Jan


Toda’s ITB Equipped Honda 3.2 liter V6

How To Paint a Supercar

26 Jan

a must see

Meanwhile, On the Other Side of the World

26 Jan

Surfing the car blogs is pretty cool, because you never know where you’ll end up. After hopping around for about 30 minutes, I stumbled across this neat blog out of Australia. The guys have sort of a ‘lifestyle’ concept to the shop, with clothing, accessories, and I think some labor being done too. Just a clean layout to the blog, and the fact that cars make these guys smile is evident.

Late to the Party – The Cypher (Music Content)

26 Jan

Just discovered this on youtube….if you’re into hip hop and lyricism, this is too cool. 3 unbelievably talented artists together. Mos Def, Black Thought (The Roots), and Eminem.

Green Means Go!

26 Jan


And it’s off! The official start to the North American motorsport season is now upon us, with the Rolex 24 Hour Grand Am Race starting about an hour ago. This is the 51st running of the world famous race, and offers one of the most diverse fields in all of motorsports. This year, a new class debuts, called the GX class. While it’s only got 6 cars for it’s inaugural year, it is unique, and should become more prominent in the near future. It’s purpose is to basically feature technologies not currently utilized by the Prototype or GT class cars. To that end, alternative fuels are the initial technologies making their debut. But rumors are abound if we will see alternative chassis types (such as SUV’s!) in future events. Time will tell. This class sees Mazda’s competition debut of their SkyActiv twin turbo diesel engines installed into the new body, very attractive 6 series sedan. Mazda claims 63% of the engine parts are bone stock, production parts that will be identical to those in the street car when they hit the market later this year. The other are the Porsche Cayman. You can see the class rules for GX below:


We will do some features on a few of the cars in the GT and DP class throughout the race, which ends at 3:30 PM EST tomorrow

DIY 350Z/G35: Brake Lights Don’t Work (aka the Easiest Install You’ll Ever Do)

26 Jan

It’s no secret that as cars get older, stuff needs to be done. While driving recently someone stopped me to say my brake lights weren’t working. Definitely not cool and totally dangerous. What I came to discover was that in the daytime, they would not work at all. None of them, not even the third brake light at the top of the hatch. However at night, when you turn the headlights on, the top third light worked fine. Tail lights always worked too, they just didn’t get brighter like they should when you step on the brake pedal.

The culprit turned out to be a simple fix. The factory brake switch had gone bad. After 10 years its to be expected I guess. This switch is mounted to a bracket above the brake pedal, under the dash. Kneel on the ground with the door opened and its simple to see. The switch itself is around $36 at the dealer (we sell em for $18 if you need one). You will see two sets of plugs. The brown colored one is the ACSD switch which is for cruise control and some other functions. The black one above it is the brake switch. It’s a simple device. There is a pin in the center of the switch. Step on the brake, the pin is released, and the brake lights illuminate. Release the brake, the brake pin is depressed and the brake lights are off. Imagine how many times this pin has gone back and forth during its lifetime, and its no surprise that eventually it needs replacing.

While kneeling on the ground grab the switch with your hand and turn it counterclockwise 45 degrees. This will unlock the switch from its holder. Once removed, depress the tab on the top, and the switch is separated from the wiring harness. Plug the new switch in, insert into the plastic locking grommet in the bracket, turn 45 degrees clockwise and viola, you’re done. It literally takes 45 seconds to do.




25 Jan

A good customer and friend sent this over today. He was driving and spotted this 993 Carrera. Love the miss green color, anyone know what it’s called?


And Speaking of Audi’s

25 Jan

Back in 2011, Audi released this even more limited R8 sorta under the radar. Quite a track day monster

560 hp from the 5.2 liter V10, R Tronic Sequential box, lots of carbon (180 lbs less than the standard coupe), integrated rollbar. But, still has some creature comforts. Like the 495 watt B&O stereo. A limited run of a limited car. Always enticing. The run of these quickly sold out (333 total for 2011, and I think something like 90 for 2012), each one was numbered, and not too many were made.

On Deck for the 24 Hours of Daytona

24 Jan

Audi/VW Powerhouse APR is bringing 2 R8’s to Daytona this year. Amazing looking cars. Click for high res/wallpaper grade


24 Jan

One man’s obsession to create the ultimate jack of all trades sports car. No irony lost on the fact that the owner/builder’s name is Jack.

You don’t want to miss the pics of his stunning garage either. A realistic model for what a well organized, clean workspace is all about. Makes any project you take on that much more enjoyable. Also helps to have an in-house apprentice too…looks like an up and coming car dude to me. Yes, this feature is making the rounds on all sorts of car and non car related blogs in the last 24 hours. It’s too cool not to share with you guys though. I didn’t know about until both Jon and a good customer and friend, both sent me a link to it today. They know I love cars, they know I love 911’s, and what guy doesn’t like an awesome garage….

If you’re into the DIY side of the car hobby, I encourage you to check out the build process. A lot of work was done by TRE, and the owner did a lot as well, not to mention build out of the garage.

Courtesy of http://www.petrolicious.com12-gauge-garage-2


Some videos on the garage itself: