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Thanksgiving Weekend Sale is On! Save 10% off Everything We Carry!

25 Nov

We’re keeping it simple. Place any NEW order placed between today, Thursday, November 25 and Sunday, November 28, 2010, and get 10% off the total. Applies to anything we sell, whether in stock or special order, mailorder, or in person. Orders must be paid for via credit card, money order, or cash, sorry, no Paypal. So browse our site, and anything you want, start making a list! We’ll be available to assist with any questions you may have.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any coupon codes, so to get your 10% savings, you can either give us a call to place your order at (631)863-3820, or, email us your order number and we’ll reimburse you the 10%.

Thank you, and our best wishes for Thanksgiving to all our clients and friends



24 Nov

Jon got GT5 this morning…of course

Not a bad ride to have… Pretty quick too

2008 Lancia Stratos Replica Kit Car For Sale

19 Nov

I usually don’t care for kit cars but I thought this one was pretty cool. It’s probably the TEs that are doing it for me.

Abflug Z34 Kit (Version 2) Concept Pictures

19 Nov

I know these pieces are pictured on a Z33 but they state its for a Z34 so who am I to tell them what they are producing. I personally think the photos are rather “interesting” …

Z-car meet

17 Nov

An 8thcivic forum member just traded up from Civic SI to a new Nismo 370Z and was kind enough to share his pictures from a local Z-car Meet (thanks Julio, enjoy your new car!).


12 Nov

WEDS’ new product, the SA60M, to be debuted February 2011. We are available for PREORDERS now. Place your name on the very first sets in the US market!!


Time for Twitter

11 Nov

Now you can follow us on Twitter (Z1Performance). Check there for new products, limited time sales, and more!

New STi Front Lip for 2011 STi!!!

9 Nov

Ready to go for your 2011 STi !

to order yours, just click!

Z1 Performance Timing Belt Kit for Subaru 2.5RS, WRX and STi

4 Nov

As we all know the timing belt is a critical piece of equipment on your Subaru Impreza. As these cars age and accumulate miles, the belt stretches and performance and reliability can be compromised. Subaru suggests replacing the belt every 60,000 miles under normal use, and if your car is raced, even shorter intervals are suggested. For this reason, we have put together a comprehensive timing belt replacement kit that includes everything needed for a full, complete timing belt replacement job. Alot of times, people take shortcuts on this and only replace the belt itself. Then a few thousand miles down the road, they find some of the other components wearing, or leaking, or making noises that were not there before and are forced to do the whole job over again. Do it right the first time and don’t be caught short. If you’re bringing these parts to your mechanic, he will thank you for giving him all the complete parts needed. If you’re having friends help you with the install over a weekend, when it’s 11PM on a Saturday and there are no parts stores open to replace that noisy idler pulley, you’ll be thankful you got them all as part of the kit.

Our kit contains the following:

Timing Belt
All Idlers (3 total)
New Water Pump
New Thermostat
New Thermostat Gasket
New Drive Belts for A/C, Alternator and Power Steering

Click here to order for your 2.5RS