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Dusk Till Dawn

31 May

A nice video highlighting the 24 Hour Race @ Nurburgring

Porsche Web Cinema

29 May

Bored at home with nothing to do? Need an excuse to not get stuck watching another episode of Real Housewives of (whatever city) with the Misses? Take your laptop or tablet in the other roonm sit back and enjoy

WHile not a new site, it’s got some of the best car porn out there for any enthusiast


Weekend of Racing

29 May

This weekend was an enthusiasts dream here in North America, with the Indy 500, Monaco GP and Coca Cola 600 races all taking place.

But in Spain, some of the best racing of the year took place in the FIA GT Championship in Navarra, Spain

Preview of the Race:

Weekend Race Roundup:

the full race is online as well, but for some reason the FIA blocks viewing of it in the US. If anyone has a link, let us know

24 Hours Through the Eyes of an Aston

29 May

Rosso Trentesette

28 May


What it’s like to race in the Indy 500

26 May

Narrated by the best in the biz

Rush: Behind the Scenes

26 May

Some behind the scenes footage of the forthcoming 70’s F1 movie by Ron Howard

Scary Crash

26 May

Monaco GP Guide (By Lewis Hamilton)

26 May

Linkin Park + F1

26 May

With an new album coming out soon, Linkin Park is embracing the notion that key media tie ins is one of the few ways encourage album sales. Heard this song in the bumpers for the NBA Playoffs, and now Lotus F1 has a cool free app for the iPad that lets you design your own F1 themed based music video to the song ( called Linkin Park GP).

Really good song, perfect for driving. But stay tuned till the end of the video, the music there is amazing.

Don’t Get Faked – How to Spot a Fake HKS Blow off Valve

25 May


There’s been a rash of knock off HKS SSQBOV3’s flooding the market, especially on ebay. Here is a quick guide to spotting the fake. For your genuine HKS products, contact

Who do you Have to Know to get a Valet to Park the Car?

25 May

Bird’s Eye View

25 May

Sort of sums up what I envision the Monaco F1 experience to be

A Walk Around Monaco

25 May

That time of year again – when the talanted, beautiful, and famous gather in the South of France for the Monaco GP. Friday is an off day, with teams taking the chance to go over strategy, relax, catch up on some sightseeing, in preparation for Saturday qualifying.

Here are just some of the images from the past few days taken from across the web. What an amazing place it must be to visit!

Braid Wheels x Porsche

25 May