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A new spring in the Wild-Child’s step…

27 Feb

Upon it’s release in 2006, Mazda dubbed their new Mazdaspeed 3 sport-hatchback as the “Wild-Child” and the nickname caught on in the automotive press.

The current generation Mazdaspeed 3 has grown up a bit, but underneath the new-found refinement, it’s still a Wild-Child at heart offering big thrills at a low price.

Despite only a tick over 1000 miles on the clock, we couldn’t wait to dive into our new Speed3 with some basic mods.  The stylish new exterior is sharp, and the OEM 18 inch wheels echo that of the flagship RX-8 R3.  However, the wheel gap is large.  The solution; a set of H&R sport springs.

Installation was straight forward and trouble-free.  Throughout the process, there were some interesting things to note… among them, a sensor in the front suspension that is connected to a mechanical rod that moves as the system compresses and steers.  I can only assume this is one of the sensors Mazda’s ECU uses to adjust torque output based on steering angle and suspension compression in the lower 3 gears to limit wheel spin, wheel hop and torque steer.

The H&R kit lowers the car 1.25″ inches all around for a more aggressive stance.  Next week, we’ll get the car aligned and see if this spring kit requires any camber correction bolts/arms.

Ride quality feels like stock on most surfaces.  Large bumps and potholes are more jarring, but overall the H&R sport springs are well suited to daily driving.


Spring is Almost Here…Get your Gear!

16 Feb

With the weather looking like it’s finally going to break soon, we’ve got some new stuff to introduce. Everyone loves a sweet t shirt, and these are 2 of the newest designs we’re offering.

First – the Grease Monkey! Show everyone you’re a dude that knows his way around a car. The shirt is medium brown with large logo just as shown and is offered in sizes Small through Xtra Xtra Large. Priced at $20.00 + $7 shipping.

Next up is for all you model lovers out there. Brings me back to those days putting plastic models together in the basement and mom yelling at me that the smell of the Testors glue was not mixing well with her dinner preparations. Again priced at $20 +$7 shipping

Shirts are top quality 100% ring spun cotton and run true to size

If there is enough interest, we can also do custom colors on either the graphics and/or the shirts too.

Evo 8-9 Clearance Items

12 Feb

Tomei Oil Thermostat Killer (fits Evo 7-9)
One of the seldom-weak points of 4G63 is rising of oil temperature. It is seen more often in circuit driving. Evo uses thermo switch that will work when the temperature gets around 85 degrees C. Yet when the oil temp is low, it will restrict oil flow to the oil cooler and raise the temperature of oil consequently. TOMEI oil thermo killer lets oil to flow into the oil cooler constantly regardless of its temperature. Still, it is easy to put it back to stock thermo switch in winter to prevent over cool. Regularly $95 shipped, blowing em out at $69 shipped

The AMS lower intecooler pipe is for intercoolers with stock style outlets on the intercooler (Turbo XS, AMS, ARC, etc.), and is fully mandrel bent, in stainless steel and comes with all required hardware.
Regularly $240, letting it go for $199 shipped

Works Bell Standard Length Hub (part # 820)

These 72mm long hubs from Works Bell Japan are required when you wish to install an aftermarket steering wheel. Fits US Spec Evo 8-9.

Regularly $165 shipped, 1 in stock we’re doing for $139 shipped

Cusco Rear Pillow Ball Mount Evo 7-9 (part # 508-421S – for use with 70mm inner diameter springs)

This rear upper pillowball mount is used in place of the factory rubber upper mounts. Solid mount that provides immediate and direct connection of the shock to the body of the car…no slop like the factory rubber mounts! Normally $275 shipped, blowing em out for $199 shipped

AEM Black Adjustable Cam Gear Set Evo 7-9

As shown, but in all black.

AEM Tru-Time Adjustable Cam Gears are used by top racing teams across the country and are a must for engines that are milled, forced induction, high compression and/or utilizing aftermarket competition cams. Our gears enable users to match cam timing with their vehicle’s tuning state by advancing or retarding the cam profile in one-degree increments via true laser-etched markings. Precision-cut gear teeth ensure no premature wearing of the belt surface and AEM’s anodizing on the gear teeth is lab-test-proven to be the hardest anodizing process on the market.
1.Increase horsepower and torque without any cam changes, and are ideal for heavily modified engines
2.CNC-machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum
3.True laser-etched markings on the leading edge of the gear allow for quick, accurate adjustments
4.Hard anodizing on belt surface is the most durable anodizing on the market
5.Grade-8, six-point hex bolts stand up to repeated adjustments and feature integral washer flange for greater load distribution
6.Comprehensive installation instructions, recommended cam gear settings and decals included
7.Manufactured and assembled in the USA

We offer them individually or in pairs. The Evo 5-8 requires 2, Evo IXs can only use 1. Price for 1 = $135.00 shipped (regularly $178 shipped); price for 2 is $250.00 shipped (regularly $345 shipped)

Greddy Headgasket – 86mm bore, 1mm thick. The perfect addition for those looking to build a motor! Regularly $320, letting it go for $185 shipped

Samco Evo 9 Coolant Hose Kit (part # TCS299C) – same as shown, but in black

These 4 ply silicone radiator hoses from Samco add a bit of style to your Evo’s engine bay, and and much stronger than the factory OEM rubber units, which tend to tear over time.

Regularly $125, letting it go for $105 shipped

All sales on the above final, as they are clearance priced. Cash/credit card (sorry, no Paypal)


Tomioka 16G, 18G and 20G Turbo Upgrades for Subaru’s!

11 Feb

TR complete bolt-on turbo kits are ideal for wide range of tuning from stock engines to those which have had upgraded internals.

Using experiences on the track and feedback from other tuners, TR development in turbo technology has allowed us to provide turbo kit solutions for users who require smooth power delivery for the street and enjoyable sport driving. These kits have been designed to offer a boost in power without sacrificing the response found in stock turbos and provide extra performance and without additional cost.

The kit contains extension pipe, oil hoses, water lines and gaskets to bolt on to a standard car with no other necessary parts

Offered in 16G, 18G and 20G configurations

Contact us to order! Prices start at just $925 delivered!

New HPI Calsonic R32 GTR R/C Car Available!

10 Feb

The chassis is a marvel in space efficiency, packing in features rarely found on small scale RC cars. High tech electronics are used to combine the 2.4GHz receiver and the fully proportional electronic speed control into a compact single control unit. A dedicated SH-34 steering servo delivers precise proportional steering for realistic steering and handling. All of the electronics are sandwiched securely in the chassis, but they can be individually removed for maintenance or performance upgrades.
For stable handling the RS32 uses a proven T-bar rear suspension and a reliable gear differential on the rear axle, perfect for maneuvering the tight turns found on indoor race tracks. Up front is a swing-arm suspension with adjustments for spring rate and suspension travel. The molded rubber tires deliver high grip and long tire life on surfaces ranging from concrete to wood to short-pile carpet.

Topping it all off is a super scale reproduction of the legendary #1 Calsonic sponsored Nissan Skyline R32 from the 1991 JTC series. The body has incredible details normally only found on the finest scale models. It’s all there: mirrors, light buckets, rear wing, tinted windows, rear window defroster, windshield wipers. And of course, the shape, colors, and decals are all spot-on and fully licensed by Nissan. Ultra realistic RC at its finest, from HPI Racing!

RS32 features:
– 2.4GHz radio set for excellent reception, eliminates the need for radio crystals
– TF-21 transmitter with steering dual rate, steering trim, throttle trim, and servo reversing
– Fully proportional electronic speed control with reverse
– SH-34 fully proportional steering servo
– Servo saver to protect the steering servo
– Highly detailed molded body shell with paint and decals applied- 4.8V 150mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack included
– Direct-drive for high efficiency and simplicity
– Rear wheel drive for realistic handling
– C32 Quick Charger included for easy charging
– ON/OFF switch on the bottom of the car
– Adjustable front suspension travel and front spring rate
– Swing-arm front suspension and T-bar rear suspension for high grip
– Long life molded rubber tires (medium compound front, soft compound rear)
– Gear differential for low maintenance
– Snap on body for quick body changes
– Adjustable gear ratio to optimize performance to track conditions
– Tool kit included for easy maintenance

Total length: 141.8mm (5.5 inches)
Total width: 56.6mm
Total height: 42mm
Wheelbase: 81.5mm
Weight fully equipped: 100g

Equipment Needed
12 AA batteries (6 for the radio and 6 for the charger)

Click to order yours! Just $179

FS: Dunlop SP Sport 2050 225/40/18 <100 miles CHEAP

9 Feb

We have a set of Dunlop SP Sport 2050’s to get rid of. These are practically new as they have LESS THAN 100 miles on them.

These are ultra-high performance summer tires that come as OEM equipment on our new 2011 Mazdaspeed3. We replaced them in favor of some all-seasons for winter use on the stock wheels.

Tire Rack lists these at $209.00 per tire before shipping. We’re letting them go for $425.00 shipped for ALL four.

paypal to

Club4AG.COM Video – Track Day Driving

9 Feb

EvoSoul Carbon Trunk Cover for Evo X, Lancer

9 Feb

Brand new addition from Evo Soul. Neat way to compliment your Evo X or Lancer without breaking the bank on a full carbon trunk. I love how ducktail type lip also compliments the lines of the car, even when you re-install the OEM spoiler. Available now, contact us to order!

Contact us to order!

Cobb Accessport for 2010+ Mazdaspeed 3

9 Feb


Contact us to order! Free Shipping for a limited time

New Year, New Brands (Part 2)

4 Feb

Brake Pads. Another part fairly low on the totem poll of lust, but a part we rely on every day, no matter what car we have, and no matter what conditions we’re using that car in. Good brake pads stay in the background. Bad brake pads make themselves known due to their lack of composure.

Enter Carbotech. Other brands offer a seemingly dizzying array of compounds. Carbotech keeps it simple and offers 6. They range from pure street to pure race. Unlike competitor pads, Carbotech gives you exact specs so you know what you’re getting before you get it. No guessing as to whether the “race pads” are just the street pads with the backs painted a different color. No wondering if the pads are going to actually fit into the caliper, or if you’re going to have to spend the day filing and griding (you won’t have to).

“Carbotech Performance Brakes™ began 17 years ago. In the beginning we thought like everybody else and made brake compounds out of carbon & iron. The problem with carbon & iron is that when it heats up it forms carbide. Carbide is used in cutting tools, so imagine what that does to your rotors. Along with the fact that those compounds tear up rotors, they also produce very corrosive brake dust. While our competition stills uses carbon & iron as the main ingredients in their compounds, Carbotech started an entire new philosophy eight years ago.

Carbotech Performance Brakes™, the world leader in Ceramic friction materials™. It was over eight years ago that Carbotech started building brake pads out of Ceramic, Kevlar, and Carbon for street, autocross and racing applications. Carbotech is the only brake pad manufacturer in the world with a complete line of Ceramic compounds for street, autocross, and track use. Carbotech-Ceramic™ compounds are known for their unsurpassed release & modulation, while maintaining very consistent torque control characteristics. Carbotech brake pads are extremely rotor friendly and contain 100% non-corrosive brake dust, that’s something that has been unmatched by any other brake pad in the industry.

Our competitor’s brake pads perform like an “on/off” switch. Brake pads that perform like an “on/off” switch are upsetting the balance of the car by violently throwing all that weight forward (not to mention that you don’t get any modulation with an “on/off” type of brake pad). You don’t realize how much it upsets your car until you have tried Carbotech Performance Brake pads. Carbotech has almost a seven year head start on the competition when it comes to our great philosophy on release & modulation, rotor friendliness, non-corrosive dust, and an unmatched consistent bite.
Carbotech uses advanced friction technology to perfect all of our compounds for the street & track. Research & Development (R&D) is not just a company philosophy; it’s a way of life for Carbotech. In fact, R&D at Carbotech is a 365 days a year job. Continuous improvement is a cornerstone in Carbotech’s solid reputation it has built, because great compounds are not engineered overnight.

You’ll find that no one else in the industry releases new compound formulations like Carbotech consistently does. We don’t believe in finding a good compound and trying to ride it as long as possible. We have a saying around here that is imbedded into every employee’s thought process; it’s called “continuous improvement, with no end in sight”.

We strive in constantly improving our existing compounds as new technologies and materials come to market. In fact, the Bobcat 1521™ compound is arguably our most successful compound, and it continues to gain enormous popularity among the performance industry. But, we didn’t rest on its success. We have just improved the Bobcat 1521™ compound to be even quieter and smoother when applying and releasing the brake pedal while keeping its outstanding performance right on target.

We have just developed another race compound that will exceed the XP12™. This new compound is called XP16™. XP16™ was released in the fall of 2007. Also in the works are a few different endurance compounds that will be suitable for all endurance applications. You will most likely find a Carbotech employee at many Pro, Grassroots, and Track-Day/HPDE events providing customer support and troubleshooting any brake issues (even if it’s not pad related or even if they aren’t Carbotech brake pads).

We don’t just sell you a set of brake pads; we deliver unmatched customer support and technical help. Carbotech Performance Brakes™ are also leading the way with Pro, Grassroots and Track-Day/HPDE groups and drivers. We can help you find the perfect set up for your vehicle by having an entire line up of street and track compounds for your application.

Carbotech Performance Brakes™ allows drives to Go Deep™ into the corners and out brake the competition. Carbotech have won multiple national championships, pro races, and rally races all over the world. Our race compounds start with the letters “XP™” then they are followed by a number. The first number is 8 (XP8™), and as you go up in numbers the initial bite gets much stronger, higher fade resistance, higher torque, better wear rate, and an increase in the temperature range. On that same note, as you go up in our compound numbers you will get more aggressive on the rotors.

Even our XP12™ compound is still very rotor friendly compared to the competition. With all Carbotech compounds you will have to apply a little bit more pedal pressure to get the maximum amount of bite from the brake pads. That’s because you have the ability to modulate your pedal with our ceramic/kevlar compounds. That’s a huge advantage to any driver, especially a driver who has a good feel for their car. The more you can modulate your brakes the more car control you have under braking. The more control a driver has under braking gives the driver an edge in the braking zone and the first part of a corner. Control which in the end helps you attain faster and more consistent lap times. Go Deep™”

The best part, is that Carbotech offers a HUGE range of pads, for cars sold all over the world and even offers direct fit pads for aftermarket calipers including Stoptech, Wilwood, Alcon, AP, Brembo and more. If not offered, they can even be made to order!

Contact us for all your Carbotech needs

New Year, New Brands – Part 1

4 Feb

One of the great things about this business is there is always cool new stuff to check out. Some stuff is sexy, some stuff is just cool for it’s extremism, and some stuff serves as the foundation for a quality build. We always strive to deal in only the top notch parts, because we know that the real value of the product is not in the price, but in it’s performance and reliability. One such brand is Injector Dynamics. Now, fuel injectors don’t ooze sex appeal, but they are one of those often-overlooked backbones of a truly sucessful project. They need to be consistent, balanced, fit perfectly and be easy to tune for. Their utility is what makes them appealing. The girl next door if you will.

So what makes these different? First, their simplicity. These are plug and play. True plug and play. Everything you need for them to fit to your specific application is included. No ala carte menu, no finding out you needed to specify you needed injector clips…it’s all in there. They offer 5 basic models, ranging from 715cc to 2225cc. Each set is dynamically balanced to within 1% for flow, and 20 MICRO seconds for dead time. This ensures consistent, OEM like reliability. All the info needed to successfully tune are included. No guesswork needed.

So when you’re ready to step up to the best, you know where to go and you know who to call!