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My Fairlady (err, ladies)

23 Jun

One of our long term customers up in Canada sent over these pics last night. Him and a buddy took some sweet shots of their Z33’s. Does it get any better than 2 friends, enjoying their cars, in the nice weather? It’s what the hobby is all about! Cars are looking sweet guys, thanks for the pics.


Godzilla Sighting!

23 Jun

Some pics from a Malaysian meeting of Skyline owners posted from my350z – sweet!

R35 GTR Engines for Sale – UPDATE – Sorry, these are all sold out and we do not have any more available

18 Jun

UPDATE – Sorry, these are all sold out and we do not have any more available

If you’re looking for one to drop into that 510, 350Z, or whatever else you have up your sleeve, let us know. We have a bunch available for sale. Can be had with or without turbos.

UPDATE – Sorry, these are all sold out and we do not have any more available

Aging Gracefully…

18 Jun

A pristine NSx on Meisters

My Current Wallpaper

18 Jun

… which also happens to be the picture source for the header photo at the top our blog in case anyone was wondering.

No explanation needed...

Congrats to the 2010 NBA Champs the L.A. Lakers

18 Jun

I’m not a Kobe or L.A. fan-boy but I must admit he put on a performance throughout these playoffs that will be talked about for years to come. The entire team played really well. What an exciting final series!

And for hopefully not the last time Ms.Keri Hilson…

Keri Hilson... The Merriam Webster's definition of FIIIIIIIIINNNNNEEEEE

Me and Big Baby Davis feel the same way about the above picture…

Adam’s Build: Progress with Racepak Dash

17 Jun

Thanks to Tim at Racepak, we were able to make some good progress on the road towards finalizing integration of the Racepak IQ3 into my Z earlier this week. As far as I know, I’m the first to fully replace the factory cluster with an IQ3, or any other standalone dash, on a street car. It hasn’t been all that easy, but I’ve learned a whlole bunch, both about the car, and the dash itself. The functionality of the dash is great and it gives me tons of display options, and a wealth of data, all right in front of me without the clutter of aftermarket gauges. With the latest software uploaded to the cluster, I am now able to track mileage with a fully functioning odometer, and can even chart gear position in real time. Love it!

note: key was just powered on, car wasn’t running when I shot the above pic with my phone…so ignore the AFR 😉

ATS Carbon LSD Spec II

16 Jun

JDM @ LeMans

13 Jun

We’ve had a thing for SW20 MR2’s lately, and since LeMans was this weekend, what better chance than to showcase Sard’s MC8-R project from 1995. This car competed at LeMans, wearing a Lexus V8 -I believe twin turbocharged.

Audi Victorious at LeMans

13 Jun

The 4 rings of Audi proved an unstoppable force in France this weekend, as the R15 TDI Diesel’s took a perfect 1-2-3 finish at LeMans. All the talk in the first half of the race was about how Peugot was going to run away with it all, how they were not even pushing 100%, given their qualifying performances. However, LeMans is a war of attrition, and by the time daylight had arrived, the 4 Peugot’s had all succumbed to failure.

In LMP2, the Strakka team won everyone’s hearts with a nearly flawless event. A Saleen won GT1, which will go away next year as a class. A Porsche took the GT2 class win.

Black Illusion

12 Jun

Since I’d bet Cheston doesn’t even remember how to login here anymore to post, I’ll do it for him 🙂

Black Illusion Aero +CE28’s+ Evo X MR = yum!

Modified Magazine Feature: Hey Joe, We Knew Ya When…..

12 Jun

It’s all great to see our customer cars get the recognitiion they deserve. In this months Modified Magazine you’ll find a feature on Joe’s clean 350Z from California. Just remember you saw it here first ….way back in August ’09! What can I say, we’ve got an eye for talent. I can appreciate when everything on a car flows, and Joe accomplished that in spades. Congrats my friend, you deserve it!


Clean Zebra

12 Jun

This car belongs to member GTS-R over on 6speed

I am liking the overall result

As he wrote: “It has been a long process, but over the past 2.5 years I have been slowly modifying my RS. I most recently had the Cup wing with the carbon gurney lip sent to me by BR Racing. They also supplied the decals for the wing which I wanted made to mimic the presentation Cup car. The rear emblem was made in a black/red scheme similar to the RSR. BR Racing was great to work with and delivered a product as good as I could have expected.

My other mods include:
PMNA carbon front fenders with wickers installed by Kerrigan Smith at Synergy Racing. I cannot speak highly enough of both Kerrigan and Synergy Racing.
Cargraphic front grill screens
DAS bar
997 GT3 seats
Cup splitter
RS98 wheels
Schroth harnesses
Cargraphic exhaust tips
PMNA wickers
WEVO mounts
PMNA rear brake ducts”

A-Arm Swap Complete. Esprits installed, Cuscos removed

12 Jun

So I actually got up off my lazy ass and worked on my car on Friday night. I swapped out my brand new Cusco A-Arms and replaced them with a set of used Esprit A-arms. I know that sounds kind of ass-backwards but I did with good reason.

The Esprit A-arms adjust camber using shims where as the Cusco arms utilize screws set into a sliding base plate to adjust camber. I don’t think I have to explain to you how much easier it is to slide in a shim, torque down two nuts and be on my way. Esprit A-Arms have a retail price of $1100 plus shipping brand new. Needless to say when I was initially purchasing A-arms I didn’t bother looking into Esprit because they were twice the price of the Cusco (which are also excellent).

In any case, as luck would have it Adam ending up finding a set of used arms (from the Sumo Power 350z drift car back when it was being parted out) and he purchased them with the intent of installing them on his own car. Long story short there were a few parts missing and due to time constraints he was unable to install the Esprits.

Well recently I took it upon myself to have the missing parts custom machined and I threw the A-arms on my car. It worked out well for everyone as one of our buddies needs my Cusco arms anyway. Maybe just maybe I’ll start working on my car more frequently.

Tomei Titanium Exhaust for 350Z – Test Fit!

11 Jun

Getting closer to the production version – details to follow soon, but I think you guys are going to really like this. Full titanium, single exit, and it doesn’t break the bank!