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08 + WRX Interior Goodness

28 Oct

Brand new to the site are these awesome interior accessories from JPM, all of which are now being offered at Z1. Alcantara or leather shift boots, ebrake boots and more!

Contact us at to order yours!

Stop Leaks

23 Oct

The ‘classic’ shape Impreza, those 93-01 cars that started the global Subaru craze, are great cars that are affordable, and easy to mod. But let’s face it, they are still old cars. They’ve sometimes lived hard lives and every now and then, need maintenance. In our continuing effort to help keep these awesome cars alive, we’re happy to now offer our latest Master Gasket Kit – the Valvecover Master Gasket Kit.

Take the guesswork out of doing new gaskets with our master kit. As the RS’s have aged, the valvecover gaskets are notorious for developing leaks, and that makes for a messy engine bay, loss of oil, and general inefficiency.

These are the OEM gaskets, by the manufacturer who makes them for Subaru – just much less expensive. Go ahead, call your dealer, and price out all the components we include and see for yourself!

These kits are VERY year specific, as valvecovers differ. Please use the guide below to decide which kit is correct, or if you have a question, give us a call, as kits are not returnable.

For the DOHC cars, kit includes both valvecover gaskets (left and right), spark plug well gaskets, all the valvecover grommet bolt seals, and the 1/2 moon seals. These are very production date specific as Subaru used different valvecovers during their production run.

If you have a DOHC 2.5 liter Impreza/Legacy, how do you ensure you order the right kit? You can verify it 1 of 2 ways. Via the engine production #, or via production date. Production date is the easiest, as the date (month/year) can be found in a tag in the driver side door. Please write the production date (month/year) in the comments section when ordering.

2.2 Liter DOHC Kits include both valve cover gaskets (left and right), and the valvecover sealing washers. Optionally, we also offer the kit with the spark plug seals as well as noted below.

For the 1999 + SOHC cars, your kit will include both valvecover gaskets (left and right) and the valvecover sealing washers. Optionally, we also offer the kit with the spark plug seals as well as cam seals as noted below. Fits 2.2 and 2.5 liter SOHC cars.

Picture shown is a general picture for illustrative purposes, but contents will be as described above for the specified year car


Kiwi RA

22 Oct

Tastefully modded STI V3 Type RA. I can’t get over how well these cars have aged. Simple shape that’s ages gracefully.


If You’re Gonna Do Wheels on an Enzo…….

13 Oct

I’ll see what info I can dig up on the origins of the car itself, but I figured this was a great representation on what amazing wheels + an amazing car can result in. Ecstacy. With the pics of the Adv1 equipped Enzo making the various blog rounds, figured I’d toss up something a bit more my style. For all I know, it could be ps’d – but so what, it’s inspiring never-the-less. Not just an Enzo, but one specially ordered (looks to be Grigio Titanio Metallico or something very close to it). And not just any set of wheels, but the venerable BBS LM. I’ve yet to see a car these don’t compliment.

Bliss in Black and White

12 Oct

Happy thoughts……

sent to us by a good client and friend down in Florida from his most recent trip to Atlanta Motor Speedway. New goodies being installed soon to help further dial it in


11 Oct

After much consideration, we’ve decided to try the Voltex stuff on for size, and add it to our product listings for all chassis we cater to. Some items are special order, some are to be stocked, best to enquire regardless of what it is you’re after.

Why Your Oxygen Sensor Shouldn’t Be Ignored

9 Oct

If you’ve noticed your car performing inconsisently, can’t pass inspection due to poor emissions performance, with poor fuel economy, or running like a raped ape somedays, and like a 3 legged dog on others, it could be a faulty oxygen sensor. The 02 sensor is partially responsible for telling the ecu what to do and when. When they are new, 02 sensors relay accurate info very quickly to the ecu. When they age, or get contaminated, they act lazy, slowly relaying info, and performance and economy suffer as a result. We offer a full range of direct replacement 02 sensors from Bosch and Denso, 2 of the largest OEM suppliers in the automotive world. In fact Bosch invented the 02 sensor! These are plug and play, not some cheesy universal joint you’ve got to spend timing soldering in. Waterproof connections ensure years of reliable service. No sense paying the dealer more for the same part in a different box!

So why is it important to replace? As the sensors age, they get contaminated. Remember, these sensors sit right in the catalytic converter and the exhaust pipes, so they are forced to live in a dirty, nasty environment. As time goes on, contaminents build on the sensor itself, and it’s no longer able to react with the speed that modern ecu’s demand. These contaminants also can cause false readings to the ecu, causing the car to run significantly richer, or leaner, than it should. This can have systemic results in other areas of the car. Not only will you get poor performance and poor fuel economy, overly rich conditions can clog cats and cause injectors to stick open. Overly lean conditions can wreak havoc on your internals causing knock, as well as potential piston damage.

If you run race gas, methanol or alcohol injection, this can also cause premature 02 sensor failure. Thankfully, these sensors are affordable, and very easy to replace yourself

Contact us to order yours at or (631)863-3820

New SPL Titanium Series Suspension Parts

7 Oct

SPL has recently updated their extensive line of suspension components for the S13 240SX, S14 240SX, Z32 300ZX, Z33 350Z, G35, G37, and GTR. These now feature blue anodized titanium hardware shaves even more unsprung weight from the arms, without compromising strength. In addition, bearings have been upgraded to next generation NCT motorsports bearing feature a carbon fiber teflon liner to provide quiet operation, lower friction, smoother articulation and eliminates bushing deflection under load. The injection-molded slot-loaded liner is also self-lubricating and self-cleaning, offering robust reliability for street and track use.

To order yours, just drop us a line

Head Master

6 Oct

If you’re about to do the headgaskets on your 2.5 RS, this is the kit for you! This is the most complete kit on the market. Includes:

Pair of headgaskets, exhaust manifold gaskets, intake manifold gaskets, valvecover gaskets, intake and exhaust valve seals, cam seals, valve cover bolt washer/grommet, oil filler neck gasket and throttle body gaskets, and spark plug seals (not shown, but yes, we include them!)

Got an earlier Impreza, Legacy or RS? Give u a call, we can put together this gasket kit for you too!

Cheap and Good (Wheels) Can Co-Exist! (Subaru Owners, Step Inside)

4 Oct

Wanted to present you guys with a unique chance to get some quality wheels at a previously unheard of price. All details are contained here, so please read carefully!

5Zigen FN01RC Hot Version – these are no longer made, but we’ve got a last batch available that need to move.

We have 3 sizes available, 17×7, 5-100 +48 (1 set, MSRP $1060/set + shipping), 17×8 +35 (2 sets, MSRP $1100/set + shipping), 5-100 and 17×8, +48 5-100 +48 (2 sets, MSRP $1100/set + shipping). We only have in polished face as shown in the pictures. No other colors are available. Center caps are included. We can also provide hubcentric rings and a variety of lugs for an extra cost.

For the 17’s, pricing is as follows, and is based on selling ALL of them

17×7 – $760/set SHIPPED in the 48 states
17×8 – $770/set SHIPPED in the 48 states

Seperately, we have some 18’s too. We can offer a seperate buy for these

18×8.5 +48, 5-100 – Silver (2 sets, MSRP $1500/set + shipping, Black/Red Lip (3 sets, $1500/set + shipping), and Polished Face (4 sets, $1500/set MSRP + shipping)

Pricing on these will be dependant on how many people are interested, but savings will be similar and significant to the 17’s


We will hold this open until 10/21 so get your duck$ together and you’ll have a rare chance to score some great wheels, at an awesome price.

Got Brakes?

4 Oct

Ferodo is a UK based company that was founded in 1897, and was the world’s first manufacturer of friction based products. They offer a series of pads for street, track, auto-x use. From the venerable DS2500 clubsport pad, to the more track oriented DS3000, we can supply you with the pads you need, at a great price. Ferodo is one of the few brands to also offer pads for stock and aftermarket calipers. We know that sometimes it can be tough finding a suitable pad worthy of buying for your afternmarket kit. So, whether your Z or G has base model brakes, or factory Brembo calipers, or you’ve got an aftermarket kit from Brembo, AP Racing, Endless, Wilwood or others, we can help! Got a motorcycle? Let us know!

Are you Strapped In?

4 Oct

Always looking to offer our customers more choices, we have now added Willans harnesses to the range of products we carry. Willans is famous throughout the world for providing amazing safety harnesses. Their product ranges from sports and clubman setups, to full blown Formula offerings. Many are FIA approved, as well as HANS compatible. We will be adding their full range to our site in the coming days, so check back often. Any questions, just let us know!


1 Oct

Write Your own Caption

1 Oct