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My 2/28/09

28 Feb

So long black history month…


Props to the homies Kev and Scott for stopping by the crib.

En Fuego

25 Feb

Amazing car from Auto Salon ’09.  I know I’m a bit late showcasing it!  Takes the boring MR-S to new levels of cool!

US Based F1 Team?

24 Feb

…. so says the rumors swirling around.  Peter Windsor, of Speed F1 coverage fame, who also is a former Williams F1 and Ferrari F1 employee, and all around F1 guru is said to be one of the principals involved along with Ken Anderson (who’s got a mile long motorsports resumee himself).  “We’ve got the capital to do it” he’s said.  “The money” is rumored to be around $62M per year.  The team is said to be based out of Charlotte, NC, which is home to  a huge motorsport oriented talent pool.  Bernie is said to be 100% behind the project.  Could this be the start of a true F1 renaissance in the US?  Let’s hope!


Just 4 weeks to go till F1 2009 begins

2009 FIA Formula One World Championship Race Calendar


Tomei ARMS 7960 Turbo Upgrade for Evo

24 Feb


For those looking for a simple bolt on turbo for your Evo 4-9, we are happy to announce these are now available for shipping!  

This turbo was developed with a broad based power curve in mind.  Excellent for street or circuit use, it provides great spool, and excellent power throughout the rev range.

Just click the large image of the turbo at the top of this post to place your order!


22 Feb

Menacing and S2000 don’t usually go together, but in the case of ASM Japan, it’s very fitting


20 Feb


There have been many rare Porsche’s over the years.  One of the most exclusive, but often overlooked, is the 968 Turbo S.  The car was produced in extremely limited numbers in 1993.  In fact, to the best records I’ve been able to find, only 15 were ever made! 

The Turbo S was based on the European spec 968 CS (Club Sport), which was a factory lightweight version of the 968 model, but with a heart and soul based in the even rarer Turbo RS model.   The car featured a SOHC head, 2.9 liters of displacement, 4 cylinder engine.  Compression ratio was super low at 7.5:1, and yet it still pumped out 305 hp and 269 ft. lbs of torque, from its single KKK turbo.  0-60 was tested at 4.7 seconds, and the quarter mile was tested at 13.0 at 112 mph.  Quite the performer for the day!  Imagine what we could do today with increased compression and boost and today’s modern standalone systems!

The car weighed in at a scant 2800lbs and change, and had a fully sorted suspension, 4 piston front calipers and 18×8 front, 18×10 rear Speedline 3 piece wheels. 

I love the rare stuff!  I’m putting together another entry about the 968 Turbo RS…stay tuned!

GT Spec Aluminum Underpanel 2008 + STi

19 Feb


GT Spec Aluminum Underpanel 2008 + STi

GT Spec Aluminum Underpanel 2008 + STi

This is an awesome new product we’re expecting soon! 

This is a unique design that features additional side panels, unlike any other on the market. Also features an access hole for the drain plug, as well as a removable aluminum door for the oil filter – so you don’t have to deal with removing the panel at every oil change like on some other brands!
Measures 3mm thick, so it is nice and sturdy and is a direct bolt on.

Now accepting preorders for mid to late April 2009 arrival! Just Click the image to purchase yours!

Full Bucket Bride Seat for the Rest of Us!

12 Feb

Up until now, if you wanted a Bride full bucket seat for your car, you either had to be blessed with waif-like proportions, or go on a full crash diet.  Bride Japan have heard your call, and have answered in full force with their Zeta III Type XL.  We had featured this seat on our blog back in the fall, and now that the seats are en route from Japan, it was time to revisit them!

Features full FRP back, and Bride’s long wearing cushions.  

Check out the install on Shino’s Z33!  To order yours, just give us a call!

Hawk Performance Brake Pads for G35 Sport, G37, G37 Sport, and 370Z!!!

10 Feb

Hawk has just released their brake pads for the Infiniti G35 Sport, G37, G37 Sport and 370Z.  Hawk is one of our most popular brake lines as they combine a wide range of compounds, exceptional performance, and affordability.

Performance Ceramic – The performance ceramic is the perfect street pad – good stopping power hot or cold, very low dust and low noise. A great economical performance pad.

The HPS is a Ferro-Carbon blended material, and offers increased performance vs. conventional stock pads, with higher fade resistance. These have lower dust vs stock pads, and are well suited for sports driving (not for track use).  Our most popular compound.

The HP+ is Hawks dual duty pad. These pads offer increased coefficient of friction vs the HPS compound, and are well suited for street driving as well as club track days and HPDE’s. While not a full out race pad, they do offer a substantial improvement in fade resistance vs the HPS, though they are a fair amount dustier, and can exhibit some noise when cold. This is the ideal pad for those who don’t want to have to worry about running separate pads for high performance street and track use.

To order yours, just click the Hawk logo below, and scan down to your model!


Design Innovations: Carbon Fiber Rollcage

7 Feb

Was glancing through a couple month old issue of a Porsche magazine I get, and was re-introduced to this neat concept from Oakley Design (UK).  Working with Airbus, they now offer a true carbon fiber cage for Porsche owners.   It meets full TUV standards, and is currently going through the approval process for FIA.   Apparantly they use some sort of anti-splinter process to ensure the cage does not shatter into shards if it is subject to an impact.  Weighs just over 24 lbs complete.  The same cage made of steel is 120 lbs according to Oakley.  Neat stuff indeed!

Oakley Design Carbon Cage (as installed in their GT2) - pic courtesy of Evo Magazine

Oakley Design Carbon Cage (as installed in their GT2) - pic courtesy of Evo Magazine

Project Z33 Continues

4 Feb

Some more new stuff arrived today for my car.  Thank god there is snow on the ground – gives me time to get all this stuff operational!  This new toy is going to be a bit of a chore to install and setup exactly like I want it, but I’m really looking forward to the final result.

I posted about this about a month or so ago.  It really is an amazing piece of equipment and the potential is simply awesome.  Since my car is used primarily for street, I opted for the standard display only model.  There is another version that datalogs, and it’s possibilities are nearly limitless.  You could moniter shock travel, clutch slip, etc etc.  But that’s a bit over the top for my needs, so this will do.  This will connect to my Haltech 350Z Platinum ecu via the supplied plug and play cable, and I will set it up to display rpm, speed, fuel level, afr, oil temperature, coolant temp, and odometer.  However, through the CAN network, it can pass through all sorts of info such as fuel pressure, fuel trim, TPS – basically anything that is part of the OBD2!  Really slick piece, and at $700, it sure beats having a ton of different gauges scattered throughout the car.    Next thing to do is getting it to my installer guru Dave, so he can fabricate me a proper housing to make this thing look like it came with the car!

Arios IS-F Kit

2 Feb

I guess the stormtropper look is the confirmed new trend?

NISMO 380RS Gas Pedal Install

2 Feb

Kwame found this mod, so first off all, props go out to him.  The stock 350Z gas pedal is perfectly straight.  The one from the 380RS has a small curve at the bottom, which makes it easier to heel-toe.  This is one of the easiest installs you’ll ever do!

The stock gas pedal is secured to the pedal lever with a small plastic clip on the backside.  Using a flathead screwdriver, you can easily pop the clip off.  Be careful, as you’ll need to reuse the clip later.

380RS Pedal Install #1 - Plastic Mounting Clip

380RS Pedal Install #1 - Plastic Mounting Clip

Once the plastic clip is removed, the whole gas pedal will pivot downwards.  Once the pedal is flipped downward, just slide it to the left and the whole pedal will come off the pivot arm.  Slide the new 380RS pedal onto the pivot arm the same way the old one came off

380RS Pedal Install #3

380RS Pedal Install #3

Next, flip the pedal back upwards so it’s facing you the right way.  Take the plastic clip you removed in step one, and snap it back onto the back mounting tabs of the pedal, around the pedal lever.  It’s a tight fit and quite dark down there.  I used a drop light in the car to make sure everything was lining up, and then wrapped a towel on the front of the pedal and used a pair of pliers to snap the plastic clip back into place.  Viola – install complete!

380RS Pedal Installation #4 - Complete!

380RS Pedal Installation #4 - Complete!

Here you can see the difference between the 380RS pedal and the OEM pedal.  380RS on left, OEM on right.

380RS Gas Pedal vs. OEM Pedal

380RS Gas Pedal vs. OEM Pedal

To order yours, just give us a call, or click here:

Z1 Performance
AIM: z1auto

Hotchkis Swaybars for 370Z!

2 Feb

We’ve got them in stock and ready to go!  Front sway is a fixed diameter, rear is 3 way adjustable.  These are hollow bars, so weight is kept to a mininum.  Includes all required hardware, bushings necessary for a bolt on installation!

Hotchkis Swaybars 370Z

Hotchkis Swaybars 370Z

These are in stock and ready to go!

CBRD Products Now Available!!

1 Feb


I’ve know Chad Block, the “CB” in CBRD, for a few years now.  Chad’s had the fortune of competing in motorsports on a world stage.  He’s run for the legendary Dyson crew, won at the 12 Hours of Sebring, driven in the 24 Hours of Daytona – the list goes on an on.   The man knows quality parts and construction when he sees it, and that’s something we have in common.

A few years ago, Chad decided to take his passion for motorsports, and performance cars, and turn it into a business.  C.B.R.D Speedfactory was founded to offer top quality service, installation and tuning, for popular performance cars. 

Late last year, Chad contacted us about some new products he was working on, and we were very excited to learn of the developments.  We’re now proud to offer these awesome products for your car!  These are not just “me too” products.  The offerings are specifically designed, engineered, and built here in the US, and the pricing is very affordable.  These are designed for guys who want the right stuff, the first time, and who don’t want to be stuck on a Saturday evening wondering why the part they received doesn’t fit, or doesn’t look as good in real life as it did in pictures.   

Two of the most compelling products are the new BBK Bolt On Turbo for the Evo, and the CBRD Aluminum Radiators for the Evo and WRX/STi.

The BBK Turbo is Chad’s answer to the ever popular bolt on upgrade for the Lancer Evolution.  This turbo starts out as a new Evo IX unit, and then the compressor and exhaust sides are thoroughly reworked.  The net result is a turbo that has it all.  Great spool, fat midrange, and doesn’t taper off up top.  If you’re looking for a great, stealth, bolt on turbo for your Evo, this is it!  We can also offer this as a rebuild option for those with existing Evo IX turbo’s – contact us for details!

Here’s a nice video showing the production of the BBK Turbo

CBRD also does some awesome, hand made aluminum radiators for the Evo’s as well as the 2002-2007 WRX/STi.   These are the same cores used throughout various forms of motorsports, including IRL and ALMS, are all TIG welded, and offer direct fitment, reduced weight, and improved cooling efficiency (up to 35%!) vs their stock counterparts.  Check out their unit for the Evo….you can just see the quality with your own eyes.

We’ve already added a bunch of these parts to the site, and more are on the way.  Chad’s recently begun work developing parts for the R35 GTR, and we’ll be sure to keep you all updated right here!

In the meantime, if we can help you with any of these awesome parts, just drop us a line.  By the way, CBRD also sells ultra clean performance cars, so if you or someone you know is in the market for a safe, reliable source for your dream car, check their site out and give ’em a shout at

Z1 Performance
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