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The Middle Child

29 Apr


The R30/R31 Nissan Skyline. An 80’s baby that seems to get passed over in favor of the more iconic 70’s variants, and the Playstation ero R32/33/34 series by fanboys. Very similar body to the old Infiniti M30 (the Nissan Leopard in other parts of the world). It was a clean sheet design, and it has a simple look. But I like ’em.

Back in these older days of the Skyline, they tossed every engine in the aresenal into them. Everything from 1.7 liter I4 to a 2.8 liter I6 diesel! The venerable L28 made an appearance too. In ’83, things changed a bit with the FJ20DET engine. Eventually intercooled, and pumping out 202 hp. But things changed in ’86 with the R31’s, as that was the first appearance of the now-legendary RB series inline 6 as well as the introduction of the first HICAS system (Nissan’s 4 wheel steering system, that eventially found its way to the 300ZX and SE versions of the 240SX). RB’s stared out as 2.0 liter I6’s. In the highest spec turbo model, the GTS-R, it made around 208 hp.


Yes, Please

28 Apr


Strengthening the Weak Link in the Chain

25 Apr

Tomioka Close Ratio Gearset Subaru WRX

Subaru’s have proven themselves on the rally circuit, the track and the street as fun to drive, easy to modify, and easy to own enthusiast cars. The once utilitarian brand has emerged as a cult car, and has a massive following. Any go-fast goodie you can think of is offered for these awesome vehicles. With increased power, you soon find the practical limits of the surrounding parts. The one part that seems to be plagued with problems as torque and horsepower is significantly increased is the transmission.

Thankfully, Tomioka Racing has their 5 speed semi helical cut set available for the 1998-2005 WRX. It uses a SNAM420 Alloy steel, to give terrific strength, and smooth shifting, without the whining noise of a full straight cut set. This is a very close ration gearset as shown by the ratios:

1st 3.272
2nd 2.285
3rd 1.667
4th 1.238
5th 0.958

Priced at $2442 + shipping. Comes complete with all parts shown. Contact us at to order yours.

New SSR GTF-01 Forged Monoblock Wheel

22 Apr


Brand new from SSR Japan is the fully forged 1 piece GTF-01. A classic 5 spoke style with turned in spokes, reminds me alot of the former sport wheels from STi/NISMO/Ralliart from back in the earlier 2000’s.

Offered in silver or black, center caps valvestems are included (we also will include lugs and hubrings). Sizes are as follows:
SIZE Bolt Pattern Offset MSRP
17X7.5 5X100 48 $ 700.00
18X8.0 5X114.3 49 $ 790.00
18X8.5 5X100 44 $ 800.00
5X114.3 44 $ 800.00
5×114.3 32 $ 800.00
18X9.0 5X114.3 45 $ 810.00
18X9.5 5X100 44 $ 820.00
5X114.3 40 $ 820.00
5×114.3 22 $ 820.00
18X10.5 5X114.3 15 $ 840.00
19×9.5 5X114.3 22 $ 870.00
19X10.5 5X114.3 22 $ 890.00
20X9.5 5X114.3 22 $ 1,010.00
20X10.0 5X114.3 35 $ 1,030.00
20X10.5 5X114.3 20 $ 1,050.00

Contact for details, shipping, etc.

Wiggle it – Just a little bit…

21 Apr

If you remember when the 2007 Mazdaspeed 3 was released, you may recall the rave reviews from the automotive press.  If I recall correctly, they called it the “Wild Child” in the Mazda lineup.  It boasted huge power for a FWD platform and enthusiasts were quick to buy and modify them for even more thrust.

Unfortunately, Mazda’s 2.3 liter direct-injected, turbocharged torque-monster was a bit TOO powerful.  How so?  The stock rear motor mount is very, very soft relative to how much power the motor makes.  Even on startup and shutdown you can see how much the motor moves around.  Hell, you can pretty much rock the motor back and forth with your hands while it’s bolted in.  Such a soft mount translates to unwanted movement that exacerbates wheel hop and torque steer.

In response, the aftermarket has come up with many, many mounts over the years.  Some companies offer several choices of stiffness to appeal to a broad amount of people.  The stiffer mount works better to limit movement and lessen wheel hop/torque steer, but that translates to a cabin loaded with vibration.  Cobb came into the rear motor mount game pretty late, but hopefully that means they have perfected what others have been doing for a while.  Unlike the other companies, Cobb offers one mount in one configuration and one stiffness…done.  While the competition has chosen urethan bushings ranging from 60-90 durometer, Cobb’s mount is 85.  To offset some of the added vibration, Cobb’s mount has several holes drilled through the bushing.  They claim that this feature offers the performance benefits of the stiffest mounts while keeping the vibrations tolerable.

Recently, I had the opportunity to install Cobb’s new rear motor mount for my 2011 Mazdaspeed 3.  Not surprisingly, the Cobb piece is beautifully machined.  It really is a shame that such a nicely finished part is tucked away out of sight.  It’s a pretty straightforward affair involving 5 bolts in total.  A vertical bolt attaches the mount to the subframe and a horizontal bolt attaches to a bracket on the transmission.  The transmission bracket has 3 bolts that must be loosened to swing the bracket out of the way for removal of the old mount and installation of the new Cobb piece.

Once installed, I was shocked at the amount of initial vibration while the car was just cranking to start – it really shook the entire car!  After reading about motor mount upgrades for a while, many people have mentioned that the start is the worst and that the urethane breaks after a few hundred miles once it’s flexed/loaded on and off.  I’ll admit, I was skeptical…the initial vibrations and idle were annoying but thankfully there was no drone on wide open throttle.

After some 600 miles and a short road trip weekend along lots of different roads, I’m pleased to report that the mount has definitely calmed down.  On a cold start, you can feel a bit of vibration during cranking but it’s nothing like that first start.  As a frame of reference, I used to have an Ingalls engine torque mount on my old 2006 Civic SI and the vibration during start-up is very similar.  In fact, I really don’t notice the mount at all except during start-up and if I blip the throttle at idle while stopped (which is super-douchey anyway).  Nothing in the cabin rattles at idle with or without the AC and there is no squeaking or rattling while shifting or loading the car with power.  On the road, torque steer and wheel hop are very much improved and replaced with a bit more wheel spin as the power is getting right to the ground.

I’m really happy with the mount so far.  I’ll admit, I do have minor concerns about the longevity of the bushing itself.  Over time, I’m wondering if the drilled sections of the urethane may crack with the constant flexing.  I’ll inspect the bushing itself and check that the mount is properly torqued during oil changes.

As a sidenote, this mount fits all 2007-2013 Mazdaspeed 3’s as well as Ford’s new Focus ST (not surprising considering how many OEM parts on my car are marked “FOMOCO”).


IMG_0758 IMG_0761


Porsche Reunion

21 Apr



Concrete Jungle

21 Apr



18 Apr

Another neat car we never were blessed with stateside.

Aerokit by Chargespeed Japan. Contact us for details.

Lower Price on KYB Struts for 350Z and G35

17 Apr


Through a renegotiation with suppliers we are now able to offer even lower prices than ever before on the KYB Excel G Shocks for 350Z and G35

New prices are as follows (prices are for the full set of front AND rear!)

350z: $244/set
G35 Sedan: $269/set (03-06)
G35 Coupe: $244/set (03-07)
G35 Sedan: $269/set (03-06 X model)

Prices are + shipping, which is $47 in the 48 states. Shipping anywhere else just email us

To order just drop us a line

Goes Hard

14 Apr

The Reiter Engineering Gallardo GT3 FLII – a stunning example of a true world class race car. This is the source for go fast, true race-spec Lambo’s.

600+ hp, 2623 lbs = full yahoo status


13 Apr

Love the cow livery. Courtesy of


Too Cool for School

13 Apr

audia1clubsportIts a bit ‘cutesy’, but I still love it. The Audi A1 Quattro Clubsport

The Saudi Falcons

12 Apr

Some awesome door to door action, really nicely edited together

The Flat 6 Symphony

12 Apr


Dirt Devil

11 Apr

Play outside!