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Gone But Not Forgotten

30 Nov

The legendary Group C series


Deep Dish

30 Nov



pic courtesy of Stephan735i


Just a Simple Steering Wheel

26 Nov


Website/Email Outage

23 Nov

Received word that the location that hosts our site experienced a power outage during the overnight hours. Until it’s resolved we will not have any website access nor email. If your emails bounce, simply try them later today.

This was their update early this morning:

UPDATE 6:20AM: There was a power outage at the Datacenter that impacted some of our core routing in one of datacenter cages in the datacenter. Right now the network and servers are back online but are having issues resolving DNS externally and this is impacting several sites. We are still actively working on the issue to resolve it.

We are currently investigating an outage in our NAP of the Americas facility. At this time, we believe all servers to be operational, but both primary and secondary routing systems are not responsive. As such, connectivity to external carriers is down. A team has been dispatched to determine and resolve the issue. We will do everything we can to restore full services as quickly as possible.

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2015 Subaru WRX

21 Nov

Revealed in LA



Hella Stanced GT3RS

17 Nov


Thankfully it’s only a Lego!

Additional pics:




17 Nov

Ferrari exiting the garage at Grand Prix at Austin a few moments ago.



Snakes on an Apex

17 Nov



Bass Mouthed Mofo

16 Nov


Do it in the Dirt

13 Nov

Yesterday we showed some clips of a rallycross 911.  But that was when the car was all nice and shiny and driving on tame, paved roads.  Here are some clips of the car in it’s more natural habitat…enjoy!

As expected, the car wears venerable Braid wheels, some of the strongest, and affordable street and competition wheels you can buy!

Why Stressing Over Tire Size is Useless

12 Nov

One of the most frequent questions we get is “what size tire do you recommend?”.  The most correct, but least awaited answer we can give is “It depends”.  Because frankly, tire size doesn’t really mean a whole heckuva lot. 

We’ve been taught, through some sort of mythical passdown of inaccurate information, that the first number in a tires size (let’s say, 275) is it’s width, in mm.  If that were true, things would be simple.  When you go into a store to buy a new shirt, you see the same phenomenon.  Some firms clothing runs bigger (or smaller) than others.    You may wear a 34 jean from one company, and a 36 from another.  Modifying a car is similarly inconsistent, and rarely is simple.  While the first number in a tires size CAN be it’s width in mm, it’s more often than not, a general target of width.  Now, on an otherwise stock car, this doesn’t really matter.  When you start altering suspension, dropping the car an inch (or more), fitting super wide, super low offset wheels, your margin for error decreases exponentially.  As the Pauli Exclusion Principal generally states (and was reinforced by Einstein and many others), 2 objects cannot occupy the same physical space at the same time.  So in the interest of avoiding tire contact with the body of the car, with suspension components, with the inner fender liners, etc, things become more complicated. 

This pictue is one Kwame posted several years ago, and it illustrates the point perfectly.



If you saw the above picture, which tire would you say is bigger?  The one on the left clearly.  But on paper, the tire on the right is bigger.  Both are mounted on the same 11.5 inch wide wheels.  The tire on the left is a  Michelin PS2, 295/30/19. The tire on the right is a Pirelli PZero, 305/30/19.  If you’re trying to get more “stance”, or gain a bigger footprint, which would you rather have?  The one with the bigger number on the receipt, or the one with the bigger physical dimension? 

Here is another picture of the same above example: 295/30/19 PS2 on left, 305/30/19 PZero on the right



So what do you do?  Check the manufacturers site!  Everyone should have the physical dimensions of their tires, in inches, for every corresponding ‘size’ listed on their website. 


Built with a Purpose

12 Nov

A 911 built to rally



Paul, we need some in-dirt footage next 😉

New Buddy Club LED Tail Light for FT86, BRZ and FRS

11 Nov

Direct drop in replacements fully DOT compliant. The sequential turn signal can be changed to a solid signal illumination via the flick of a switch right at the back of the assembly, allowing you change it up quickly and easily.

Contact us to order

Official Picture of 2015 Subaru WRX

11 Nov

Subaru teasing us with a snout shot of the upcoming 2015 WRX. Full reveal will be at the Los Angeles Auto Show beginning November 22.


Rosso Fairlady

7 Nov

Simple is always best with the exteriors of cars…lots of mods but nothing looks out of place. And of course TE37’s look good on anything.