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5Zigen Exhaust for CR-Z

30 Sep

5Zigen has just introduced some new exhaust components for the Honda CR-Z.

One exits on the right hand side, the other exits in the center. These are offered as axle back (replacement muffler only), or as cat backs (includes mid pipe). All types are in stock for immediate shipping. Contact us to order!


Full Range of Haltech Accessories Now Added

27 Sep

Finally got around to adding all the various Haltech knick-knacks to the website. From replacement wideband 02 sensors, to extension harnesses, MAP sensors, boost control solenoids, etc, they are now available for purchase right from our site. Click here and scroll down to “Haltech” in the online menu

NISMO Festival 2010

26 Sep

One of these years, I’ll plan things so I can actually attend this event instead of just looking at pics 😦 The above pic is from the 2005 event – I love the shape of the JGTC Z33’s.

Their theme this year is “Nissan Racing DNA”. Takes place the weekend of December 5 at the legendary Fuji Speedway. Can’t wait to see what they have in store!

AMS V Band Turbo Kit for Evo X Now Available!

24 Sep

The wait is over!

The AMS EVO X Billet V-band Turbo Kit is the most advanced and reliable kit on the market. This race-proven package not only produces unmatched power and spool, but is also designed to withstand the abuse of professional motorsports and we have 2 national championships to prove it!

The Strongest, Most Advanced Design On The Market

In 2008 we set out to design a kit that matched the quality of OEM Mitsubishi components while providing the extraordinary power and response AMS is known for. To accomplish this level of quality, reliability and performance, we created the industry’s first cast tubular V-band exhaust manifold. By choosing to utilize cast stainless steel construction, we eliminated the restrictive design geometry and the possibility of cracking found with hand-fabricated headers. By casting the manifold, we were able to maximize exhaust flow while utilizing the small space available between the engine and firewall of the EVO X.

Quick Spooling, Yet Produces Massive Power; The Best Of Both Worlds

By applying the latest in AMS billet wheel and V-band turbo technology we set the bar even higher. Billet compressor wheels are not only lighter, which helps quicken spool time, but they also have superior aerodynamic profiles that compress more air efficiently: less heat = more power. Ceramic ball-bearing center sections are more durable, have less friction, and don’t require coolant unlike traditional ball-bearing units.

V-band turbos use a lightweight housing which has proven to flow better, spool quicker and make more power than their flanged counterparts. V-band turbos also have less complex hardware which provides easy fitment and a durable seal – eliminating the need for a gasket.

Safety Through Proper Engineering… Often Overlooked By The Competition

With the cramped EVO X engine bay the added heat associated with higher power output becomes an issue. There have been unfortunate incidents of engine fires on EVO X’s with aftermarket headers. AMS has this covered with a comprehensive heat shield to protect the firewall from the extra heat.

Championship Winning, Race Proven Power For Your Street Car

In 2009 AMS campaigned two EVO X’s in the Redline Time Attack series using the AMS EVO X Turbo Kit. During that year not only did both cars win their class championships and set track records at each event, they also proved that the AMS kit can take the extreme abuse of professional competition. With over 6000 miles of track abuse at wide open throttle for an entire racing season without skipping a beat… now that is AMS quality!


•The latest in billet wheel, v-band turbo technology for maximum power and efficiency
•V-Band flanges allow for easier fitment with no gaskets
•Heat shielding to protect engine bay
•Re-circulated wastegate dump outlet option
•Turbo support bracket maintains turbo kit reliability under any condition
•Genuine Tial MV-R 44mm v-band wastegate
•Stainless steel flex section in downpipe eliminates unwanted stress on the manifold and turbine housing
•The same AMS product you purchase is the same product found on our race cars!
•Kit includes ALL necessary parts and hardware for installation

•304 stainless steel cast exhaust manifold
•AMS spec V-band ceramic ball bearing turbo of your choice
•Intake pipe
•Upper intercooler pipe coupler

•Stainless steel downpipe
•Oil lines and coolant jumper
•Turbo support bracket
•Exhaust manifold heat shield
•Detailed installation guide
Turbo Options


•AMS 750R Turbo Kit – 555-750 Horsepower
â—¦Spool 3600-4200 RPM
â—¦Street/Strip Turbo
•AMS GT900x Turbo Kit – 650-900 Horsepower
â—¦Spool 4200-4600 RPM
â—¦Street/Strip Turbo
•AMS GT950R Turbo Kit – 700-950 Horsepower

â—¦Spool 4500-5200 RPM
â—¦Street/Strip Turbo

Contact us for the best pricing!

HKS Titanium Racing Exhaust Systems Now Available!

24 Sep

HKS has just introduced their new Titanium Racing lineup for several cars. These systems all feature large diameter stainless piping mated to a lightweight Titanium Muffler. These are designed for maximum flow, minimum weight and great affordability.

Current applications are as follows:

Evo VII-Evo IX
WRX/STi (2002-2007)
Toyota Supra (1993-1998)

We have a few available now so contact us for details

New Suspension for the 350Z

20 Sep

Just got a box with Ohlins new Road and Track Coilovers for the 350Z/G35. I will be evaluating these in my own car in the coming weeks. Just from a cursory look at them today, construction is top notch. The machining on the strut housings is much nicer than even the previous Ohlins PCV setup. The casings are These are their newest dampers, so feature the DFV valving, which is the ultimate setup for someone looking for a truly dual purpose coilover. One that is as much at home on the street as it is on the track. Stay tuned here soon as we post a full installation and comprehensive review

New HKS Bolt on Turbo for Evo IV-IX

15 Sep

As a true bolt-on upgrade for the Mitsubishi Evolution IV-IX, the GTII 7460R is a reverse rotation ball-bearing turbocharger assembly that utilizes the factory exhaust manifold. By creating a twin scroll, reverse rotation turbocharger, the GTII 7460R offers a straighter exhaust path to the turbine housing inlet increasing boost response while allowing full spool and stable boost pressure throughout the RPM range. Intake and exhaust port sizes have been optimized in size and flow area to allow an increase in air-flow capacity while the ball bearing center housing rotating assembly (CHRA) improves low-speed boost response. The inconel turbine wheel and heat resistant SUH 22 cast stainless steel turbine housing increases reliability and durability. The GTII 7460R produced 373.4 WHP and 355.6 ft. lbs Torque with the boost set at 1.78 Bar (25.8 PSI) on 93 octane.

These kits come in various configurations ranging from a kit that includes and EVC VI, to setups that include HKS Cams. Contact us for pricing and availability!

Contact us for availability

Pretty Slugs

14 Sep

Just got these bad boys in for a monster Z33 build being done by a good customer and friend in Australia.

These are by CP Pistons and were a custom order with 3.937 bore, upgraded ring, ceramic coated for the tops, skirt coating and some other goodies tossed on as well! Stay tuned as this bad boy is should be a pretty sweet end result 🙂

There’s no better way to start the day then with egg whites and a side of rare Porsche

14 Sep

So this morning I was ordering up my usually breakfast at a new deli around the corner from a buddies house whom I was on my way to meet. As I was enjoying my turkey, egg whites and alpine lace on a whole wheat wrap I noticed something peaking through the window of the delicatessen. To my great surprise it was an all original legit guards red Porsche RS America, one out of 701 ever made.

The owner, William Branston who also owns Exotic Classics in Syosset, NY, who was a pleasure to talk to is a huge porsche collector. If my memory serves me correctly I believe he told me that his own personal private collection contains in excess of twenty Porsches. He invited me to stop by his showroom this weekend to checkout the rest of his collection and I plan on taking him up on his offer.


New Replay XD Mini Cameras!

11 Sep

We’re always looking for new, innovative product to add to the roster, and this week, we’re adding one that I think will be a big hit with our customers. The Replay XD Mini Cam is a simple to use, affordable, tiny camera that is perfect for you guys doing HPDE’s, Auto-X, Drift, or just enjoying your machine on your favorite roads. Everything you need is included in the package, and the camera is small (smaller than a credit card!), low profile, and mounts anywhere!

Tech Specs:

Display External display option (available late 2010)
Storage microSDHC (up to 32 GB), Duration 1 GB = 30 min
Ports Micro-USB 2.0

microSDHC slot
Power AC Power 100~240 V, 50~60 Hz

Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 3.7 V, 550 mAh*

up to 110 Minute Record Time*
Size 21.4 mm Dia. x 69mm
Weight 30 grams (including battery & microSDHC)
Control Power “On” & Power “Off” Button with Vibration Feedback
Resolution 640 x 480, up to 30 fps
Pixels 1.3 MP CMOS
Field of View 61 Degrees
Lens Cover Replaceable Bezel and Lens Cover
Power Supply 5V +/- 0.5V / 2A
System Requirements: PC Video Playback
Windows Intel® Pentium® processor 300MHZ or higher
Microsoft® Windows® 200 with Service Pack 2, Windows® XP with Service Pack 2
128 MB of RAM (256 MB recommended)
2 GB of available hard-disk space
1,024 x 768 screen resolution
CD-ROM drive, USB Port, Mouse
Macintosh PowerPC® G4, or G5 Processor or Intel® Core Duo® or higher
Mac OS X v.10.3, 10.4, 10.5 or 10.6
128 MB of RAM (256 MB recommended)
2 GB of available hard-disk space
CD-ROM drive, USB Port, Mouse

The full system sells for just $189 bucks, making it a must have for any enthusiast!

Click here to order yours!

Stack Gauges Now Available

10 Sep

We are pleased to announce the availability of the full line of Stack Gauges to our lineup. Stack is one of the oldest, most widely used and respected names in motorsport gauges. They have a wide range of gauges available, whether you are looking for a single auxiliary gauge, or a full replacement cluster. We are adding all their products to the site over the next few days, so stay tuned for product details and deals!

Fiji@ the Harbor

9 Sep

Just some quick shots of Jonathan’s ’06 Si at a local spot. Not to shabby for 66k miles (and counting!). You should see his engine bay…it’s as clean as it was when new!

Grimace Drives an Evo X?

2 Sep

One of our good friends and customers recently sent over some pics of some of the rarer parts on his Evo X.

An ultra clean engine bay where the HKS Kansai carbon airbox with HKS intake, and JUN solid coolant pipes. Powdercoated in Grimace Purple

Looks good Rich!