Design Innovations: Carbon Fiber Rollcage

7 Feb

Was glancing through a couple month old issue of a Porsche magazine I get, and was re-introduced to this neat concept from Oakley Design (UK).  Working with Airbus, they now offer a true carbon fiber cage for Porsche owners.   It meets full TUV standards, and is currently going through the approval process for FIA.   Apparantly they use some sort of anti-splinter process to ensure the cage does not shatter into shards if it is subject to an impact.  Weighs just over 24 lbs complete.  The same cage made of steel is 120 lbs according to Oakley.  Neat stuff indeed!

Oakley Design Carbon Cage (as installed in their GT2) - pic courtesy of Evo Magazine

Oakley Design Carbon Cage (as installed in their GT2) - pic courtesy of Evo Magazine

2 Responses to “Design Innovations: Carbon Fiber Rollcage”

  1. fulllock February 7, 2009 at 9:27 PM #

    I was thinking about this just the other week wondering if its ever been done. It will be interesting to see if it pass’ FIA standards


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    […] with the CF Cage, I don't plan to make an entire cage, more of a roll bar similar to this: Design Innovations: Carbon Fiber Rollcage Corner Balance Its in Oakley designs Porsche. Interestingly they found a way to make it create an anti splinter […]

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