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26 May

My favorite wheel of the moment – wide variety of sizes, good value and weight/dollar, and not everyone and their brother has it (yet?)

Looks good on this Civic Type R

The year for the SI

13 Jul


Honda really pushed to market the 2006 Civic SI upon release and The automotive press raved (especially in comparison to it’s ho-hum predecessor).  After 3 years, the platform has a solid following but it’s been held back by a lack of engine management.

Thanks to Hondata and Cobb for the newly released products (the FlashPro and Accessport respectively) Civic SI owners can finally get serious with the K20Z3 motor.  2009 should prove to be the year for the new SI!

We recently tuned our own SI with Hondata’s FlashPro with impressive results (especially considering how un-modded the car is).  Engine mods for our SI are limited to a K&N short ram and a set of Unorthodox Racing pulleys.

Post tune, drivability is much improved thanks to the new-found mid-range power. Plus, throttle lag and rev-hang are a thing of the past!

A total of 15 pulls were made during tuning. Peak power is up by about 7hp and 5lb ft. Peak gains are in the mid-range, a solid 15hp and 15lb ft.

Power Unleashed! Cobb Accessport for 2006 + Civic Si!

2 Jun


Just released today, and we’re offering free shipping!

Read all about it on our site by clicking here

Ah, That’s Better…..

2 Mar
Tokico HP + Struts 2006 + Civic - Click to Order!

Tokico HP + Struts 2006 + Civic - Click to Order!

Jonathan has been complaining lately about the suspension in his Si.  He’s had the car for 3 years now, and it’s been on Eibach Sportlines all the while.  After 45k miles, the stock suspension was feeling a bit tired  The car had begun to crash a bit over the rough local roads which are so prevelant here on Long Island.  On the highway, the car still felt fine, but we knew it was tie for a change.

Removing the stock struts proved what Jon was feeling.  The stock units compressed fine, but the rebound was very slow.  This greatly effects the way the car feels on the road, especially on local roads.

The car spends most of it’s time commuting to and from work, and then some fun runs on the weekend.  We didn’t need anything crazy, just a nice, easy to install setup that wouldn’t break the bank.  Budget is at the top of everyones list nowadays, and we didn’t see the point in outfitting the car with coilovers.  Jon really likes the height of the Sportlines, and they actually do ride quite nicely.  We ended up ordering some of the Tokico HP + struts.  We installed them along with a new set of SPC camber bolts.  The net result is exactly what we wanted.   

To order a set for your ’06 + Civic, just click the picture above!