One pipe, one pump and a magic box!

18 Aug

While our Mazdapeed 3 was in the bodyshop to repair the hail damage, we were in severe turbo-withdrawal. In preparation for it’s return, we thought it was a good time for another round of simple, yet effective mods.

Like it’s predecessor, the 2010+ Mazdaspeed 3 responds well to mods. Early Speed3’s were able to run most bolt-on’s without incident. However, Mazda made some serious changes in the Gen2 ECU in the interest of safety…changes that further tax the OEM direct-injection fuel pump.  In fact, anything more than an intake on a 2010+ Speed can be downright dangerous(especially in cold weather where the ECU calls for even more fuel).

The solution is to upgrade the DI pump with new internals that have the capacity to sustain pressure commanded by the ECU. Autotech’s upgraded internals have a good reputation with the VW/Audi crowd. Thankfully, VW/Audi direct-injection motors use the same DI pump Mazda does (made by Hitachi). The installation is straightforward and takes about an hour.

Confident that our fuel demands can be me, we also got our hands on a Corksport racepipe.  This pipe replaces the OEM secondary cat and significantly increases the MZR motors volumetric efficiency. This racepipe is also a nice compliment to the Cobb SF intake system we installed a few months back.

Our motor is now breathing better thanks these simple intake/exhaust mods and the upgraded DI pump can keep up with the additional airflow.

The final piece in this round of mods brings it all together. Cobb’s Accessport makes it easy to reflash the ECU over 100 pre-set maps to match a variety of mods. The new Accessport can datalog at even faster sampling rates so we can monitor performance and even create a custom tune with their Access-Tuner-Race software.

Results to follow!

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