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Can-Am: Road Racing Counter Culture

18 Mar

If you’re even remotely interested in the early days of “modern era” road racing, you owe it to yourself to check out the DVD called Can Am: A Speed Odyssey. I have owned this disk for years now, but recently reacquainted myself with it. Sam Posey, as always, is a terrific announcer. While it covers races from 40+ years ago, the sound is great, the footage is terrific. You can tell real Motorsport enthusiasts were responsible for shooting and editing. Just a fun look back at what I think was one of the most entertaining sports car series in history.


Track Day Insurance

18 Mar

Track day season is upon us, and as such, many people are busy buying rollcages, brake pads, new exhausts or tunes. But what about insurance? I know, booorrrring…but this is important. Your regular policy in all liklihood does not cover you during even an HPDE or driving school. Wreck your car? You’re SOL. Wreck a car that you leased or still owe money on? Even more SOL…because you’re still on the hook to pay for it.

With that, there are actually some firms that offer Track Day Coverage. We have zero affiliation with these companies, so contact them directly, but, I think its something alot of you guys might benefit from. The coverage isn’t exactly cheap (might even be more than the track day fee is), but if you think about it relative to the cost to fix or replace your car, is it something you can afford NOT to do? These firms both offer various ranges of coverage for both single and multiple events, and seem to work on an agreed-value basis.

Shiny side up!