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Quintessentially 80’s

27 Mar

This might be the cleanest RA65 Celica known to man. Ironically, a GT notchback just like this was my first car, except it was black/silver. Mine was an ’84 GT-S though, so it had plastic covers over the flip around headlights. I wish I had pictures of it – it was among the cleanest used cars I have ever seen.


The Omen

27 Mar

A demon-esque all black F40. This one was/is owned by Kojy Aoyama (just google his car collection if you’re never heard of it…it’s insane); it’s been for sale for about a year now, though that may have changed in recent months.

Godzilla Goes GT3

27 Mar

Got $380K burning a hole in your pocket? Would make a nice addition to any driveway

This one hails fron the land of the rising sun. The factory supported, factory sold NISMO GT-R GT3