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Porsche Web Cinema

29 May

Bored at home with nothing to do? Need an excuse to not get stuck watching another episode of Real Housewives of (whatever city) with the Misses? Take your laptop or tablet in the other roonm sit back and enjoy

WHile not a new site, it’s got some of the best car porn out there for any enthusiast

Weekend of Racing

29 May

This weekend was an enthusiasts dream here in North America, with the Indy 500, Monaco GP and Coca Cola 600 races all taking place.

But in Spain, some of the best racing of the year took place in the FIA GT Championship in Navarra, Spain

Preview of the Race:

Weekend Race Roundup:

the full race is online as well, but for some reason the FIA blocks viewing of it in the US. If anyone has a link, let us know

24 Hours Through the Eyes of an Aston

29 May