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Calm Before the Storm

28 Jun

A calm corner at the Nurburgring



Aston Martin Film at the Nurburgring 24 Hour Race

14 Jun


Around the Way

19 May


Fast As Hell

2 Feb

24 Hours Through the Eyes of an Aston

29 May

8:58 of Pure Fun

19 Apr

On the ‘Ring Again

6 Feb

Shot of one of our customers cars on the Nurburgring.

At the ‘Ring

6 Jun

One of our customers in Croatia sent over of some pics of their 350Z, and a few other cars on the famed Nurburgring in Germany. I can’t even imagine how much fun it would be to be at this legendary track, let along have the opportunity to take my car there! One can dream!!

Ruf Ruf Ruf

13 Dec

A decent example of a very rare car – and one that really got RUF GmbH serious worldwide attention – the original CTR.

This is an ’89, 964 chassis, and #7 made (of I believe 29 total). Exterior looks really nice, interior is a bit tattered, but could be cleaned to near perfect pretty easily. Not a fan of the brown color. For some reason, it seems many 964 buyers bought tan interiors. I almost never see the all black ones.

RUF cars are unique in that they are actually considered a builder, not merely a tuner. Take a look at the build tag with the VIN # and you’ll see what I mean.

Many Porsche-philes might remember that article from Road and Track about the “Yellowbird” – this is the same car, just in white.

CTR’s were based off the 3.2 Carrera engine, which was bored to deliver 3.4 liters of displacement. This gave the car much better torque and area under the curve vs Porsche’s 3.0 factory turbo engine. It was mated to the now well known G50 5 speed transmission (older 911/930 turbo’s were 4 speeds) which RUF had built to their specs. The car also went on a major dose of Slim Fast, with RUF remolding all the factory body pieces in aluminum. These things were absolute animals. 2550 lbs, 469 hp, 441 ft/lbs of torque = hold on and grab the oh shit handles.

Ever wonder why guys of our generation are seemingly mesmerized by stats around the Nurburgring – it’s because of the CTR.

In recent years, Porsche has made their turbo much more of a gentlemans GT than the wild beast it once was. The air cooled versions were often referred to as widow-makers. Modern Turbo’s are still blazingly fast, but it’s much more refined – some would say to a fault.

The closest I’ll ever come to driving a 380 RS-C

17 Aug

The $285,000 Z33 doing its thing.

For those of you havent heard about the car , click here: Nismo 380RS-C and here: Falken’s Nismo 380RS-C at Nurburgring 24h

Astons @ The ‘Ring

24 May

Porsche’s @ The ‘Ring

24 May

BMW’s @ The ‘Ring

24 May

From yesterdays 24 Hour Race

Memorial Day Weekend – Fan Paradise

23 May

checkered flag

If you’re a motorsports fan on any level, this is an awesome weekend.

F1 – Monaco. Qualifying was exciting this AM…Button pulled out yet another pole. Amazing. SpeedTV has the coverage live tomorrow morning at 8AM. F1 + HD = sweet

24 Hours of Nurburgring – check here for a live video feed (daytime only though). If you want a good audio feed to follow today, check out Radio LeMans and click on the “Listen Live” link on the top right of the screen

Indy 500 – not my own cup of tea, but the race is on Sunday on ABC (should be HD coverage, which is always good)

Grand Am – live this weekend from Lime Rock Hopefully some friends will get me some pics since I don’t think there is any live tv coverage…bummer.

WRC – Rally d’Italia Sardegna –

Customer Z on the ‘Ring

7 May
350Z on the 'Ring

350Z on the 'Ring

Just got this email from a good customer of ours from Norway, who recenly had a chance to take some laps on the famed Nurburgring. Lucky!!!!